1.5 Tons of Cannabis Seized in Portland Processing Operation

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Nearly 3,000 pounds of marijuana was seized by police in Portland, Oregon, on Friday, November 3rd. The police received a complaint about an illegal marijuana processing operation and when they arrived they found the suspects in the process of “delivering” the cannabis to the warehouse.

According to KOIN news, when police contacted the person responsible for the warehouse, they explained they were responsible for both the warehouse and transportation of the cannabis. However, after further questioning, police discovered inconsistencies and realized there has no permit or license for the facility.

There were 16 individuals working at the warehouse processing the cannabis and a couple of them told police the cannabis was from a 5 patient medical marijuana grow operation. That would be a thirty plant limit, and would mean the plants would have needed to produce 100 pounds each, which the police found obviously unlikely.

The workers on site also said the processing centers operators were “in the process” of obtaining their recreational license from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, but had not yet received the license. In the end they counted about 500 mature plants weighing just under 3,000 pounds.

The case is being reviewed for prosecution by the Multnomah County District Attorney.

Source: KOIN News 6

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