3 Natural Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy (Including Cannabis!)

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A dog is not just a pet, but a family member as well. They have the ability to touch us with their happiness and love, but when they do not live a good life themselves, that sadness is also felt in our own hearts. Nobody wants to see their beloved pooch unhappy, so here are three natural ideas to keep your dog healthy and fit through the ages.

Give Them Lots of Exercise

Exercise is more important to a dog than a human can understand from first-hand experience, so take our word, or that of the experts for it, and make sure your dog is getting as much exercise as it needs.

Even small dogs need at least some sort of a daily exercise routine to stay happy, prevent obesity, release pent up energy and so much more. Dogs are not built like us, so they cannot take as much idle sitting as we can apparently!

The only exception to this rule would be a special needs dog, that has been diagnosed with some condition or the other, preventing it from exercising too much.

Supplement their Diets Accordingly

Doctors, in general, advise that we should all start taking dietary supplements, but what to take differs along with age, gender, physical conditioning, medical conditions, regular diet, etc. The same applies to dogs too, and even more so since the modern dog’s diet is seldom complete without at least some supplemental nutrients. They are still all natural nutrients that are found in natural food, but the supplements help the dogs attain them faster and in a purer form.

Canna Companion is a completely legal, industrial hemp-derived, 100% natural pet supplement (also available for cats) that is specifically designed to improve the lives of our canine buddies. After regular supplementation with Canna Companion, you can expect your dog to have stronger immunity, a calmer demeanor, reduced inflammation and pain (in older, arthritic dogs), and better digestion.

Hydration is Essential

Every mammal needs to stay hydrated, including dogs of course. However, not unlike us, they may forget about it or may not end up drinking as much water as they need to, if there aren’t enough fresh water bowls, refilled and cleaned regularly, placed strategically throughout the house and the yard!

A hydrated dog will have a lustrous coat, better protection against skin parasites and will digest food better. Make sure that your dog isn’t dehydrated on the particularly warm days of the year because that can happen and dogs can pass away from dehydration pretty quickly.

Do understand that everything we just mentioned comes in addition to visiting the vet every month, or according to the schedule you have with the clinic. All of these are great pointers to keep the pets happy and lively, but they cannot replace regular check-ups from a veterinarian by any means.

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