3 Perfect New Year’s Resolutions For Seasoned Stoners

The New Year is here, and everyone has some resolutions on top of their minds. If you are a seasoned stoner, you will probably want this year to be better than the last one. 2020 was mostly about social isolation and doing your weed sessions alone. The New Year brings hope that things will get back to normal and you will be back again with your gang, enjoying your stuff as usual. You will have some to-dos on top of your mind, whether it is about switching to healthier habits, trying new things, or just having loads of fun. Here are some cool resolutions that you can consider for 2021.

Look for cleaner highs

If you have been into smoking weed, this year may just be the right time to switch to cleaner highs. As wellness becomes the top priority for everyone, opting for healthier alternatives to smoking is a great idea. You may love your joints and blunts, but they tend to irritate your lungs sooner or later. Fortunately, there is much more you can explore when it comes to finding healthier alternatives. Vaping is a good one, and you can try it with dry herbs or concentrates. Edibles also make a good choice if you want sustainable results, though the effect may take a bit to kick in. Other options include oil and tinctures and topical creams and lotions.

Think beyond regular THC

While you may not want to sacrifice your high in 2021, you can think beyond THC and try something different this year. Delta 8 THC is another psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis. It is a smart choice if you want to experience a high that isn’t as a sedative as one with THC. If you are looking to experiment, go ahead and try this delta 8 thc cartridge for experiencing the less-psychoactive THC. Apart from the tailored-high, you can find potential medicinal benefits from Delta 8. These include pain relief, better appetite, and relief from nausea. Similarly, you can also try products high in CBD and CBG to get the benefits and experience these cannabinoids offer.

Learn to cook with cannabis

Another New Year’s resolution that seasoned stoners should make this year is to ramp up their cooking skills. Edibles are emerging as a favorite trend for cannabis lovers because they are safe, discreet, and portable. Moreover, cooking them on your own means that you can decide the concentration rather than accept what comes with ready products. Cooking with cannabis requires expertise and precision with processes and measurements. But a little patience and a lot of practice can help you create some incredible dishes. As cannabis parties will probably be back this year, you have one more reason to cook and bake edibles and impress your guests. Additionally, you can access countless recipes and tips online for help.

These New Year’s resolutions are great to give you a great start. Just follow them throughout the year, and you can have the best experiences with your favorite products while being safe and happy.

Keith Mansur

Keith Mansur is the founder, publisher, and editor of Oregon Cannabis Connection newspaper. The print publication has been serving Oregon since 2010. He has been a Oregon medical marijuana patient, grower, and caregiver since 2006. Find him on Facebook or email him at occnewspaper420@gmail.com

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