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With the popularity of indoor growing, even after legalization and especially on a commercial scale, we thought a reminder to folks that really like their indoor bud that… it takes a whole lot of energy!
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If you think about it, the only reason anyone ever started growing indoors was to evade the police. Seems an obsolete practice now…and expensive! Image: From






























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Additional reading on Cannabis growing and energy use:

April, 2016 – EMISSIONS: Coloradans feel the heat from indoor marijuana growing – John Fialka, E&E special correspondent

“DENVER — Last year, a task force involving multiple federal, state, county and local law enforcement officers descended on two tiny rural towns in southern Colorado, where they seized a small arsenal of guns and $25,000 in cash and arrested 17 people. They also hauled away products of what may be the most energy-intensive industry in the United States: 1,000 genetically modified marijuana plants, some of them the size of small trees…” Read More…

August, 2012 – The carbon footprint of indoor Cannabis production – Evan Mills, PhD – Elsevier

“The emergent industry of indoor Cannabis production – legal in some jurisdictions and illicit in others – utilizes highly energy intensive processes to control environmental conditions during cultivation…” Read More…


October 2015 – The Carbon Footprint of Growing Pot and the Quest for Organic Weed – Cole Mellino –

“Legal marijuana is the fastest-growing industry in the U.S., according to FastCoexist. So if legalization is more or less inevitable nationwide, it’s crucial to consider its environmental and human health impacts. As it stands right now, cannabis production needs to become a whole lot greener and healthier…” Read More…

September 2015 – What is the marijuana industry doing to reduce its carbon footprint? – Susan Squibb The Cannabist

“Comparative data from the article shows an increase in energy usage for Denver grows. City officials said that in 2013, 354 grow facilities in Denver used around 121 million kwh, which is an increase over 2012, in which 351 facilities used 86 million kwh. Marijuana grows in 2013 accounted for 1.85 percent of total electricity consumed in Denver...” Read More…




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