Johnny Green Has Left The Weed Blog

By OCC Staff

Johnny Green is no longer with The Weed Blog, in case you have noticed the lack of posts by Johnny on the once reputable site. The Weed Blog is now being controlled, content and all, by Travis Maurer, who The Weed Blog founders sued for $50,000 for essentially stealing funds from the business account. We reported on the problems they were more recently having a few weeks ago. Maurer had blocked their access to email accounts and was resetting passwords.

Johnny is relieved to be free of the thumb of Maurer, who turned out to be a real grifter when he allegedly squandered a small fortune of NORML board member Randy Quast in a growing/dispensary scheme. Johnny Green and Jay Smoker have both moved on, and Johnny is now blogging for Greenflower media. His talents in the blogosphere will benefit them, for sure.

Luckily, we will retain his permission to print articles he pens, regardless of the site he is writing for. He has always supported OCC, and we appreciate that.


The one and only Johnny Green has officially joined the Green Flower team!

In case you’re unfamiliar, Johnny is literally the number one cannabis blogger in the world.

In 2010, Johnny co-founded The Weed Blog with his best friend as a way to write about their favorite topic: cannabis. The project spiraled into something much bigger than either of the co-founders had imagined.

Johnny would go on to write countless articles for The Weed Blog, receiving viral traffic, making it the #1 cannabis news site in the world for a time while he was there.

The sheer volume and impact of these results is unprecedented in the cannabis world, and yet for Johnny it’s always been about spreading cannabis truth and de-stigmatizing.

“Writing about cannabis is much more than ‘something to do’ for me,” Johnny Green says. “Spreading information and awareness is vital to ending cannabis prohibition and reducing stigma wherever it may exist. I try to do everything that I can to push knowledge.”

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