Italy’s Largest Police Union Endorses Legalizing Marijuana

By Johnny Green


(Sept 1, 2016) – I have been a big, big fan of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition for a long time. When you ask a lot of people that are against marijuana reform why they oppose marijuana reform, one of the most common answers is ‘because it is illegal.’ These same people will then proceed to explain to you that if they get caught with marijuana, they will get arrest and put in jail.

So when an ex-member of law enforcement (or in rare cases even active duty officers) explains to people that prohibition has failed, and that it’s time for a change, it speaks volumes. Opponents can brush aside many consumers, and write them off as stereotypical stoners that just want to get high. But when a former cop tells them that it’s time to legalize, and why they feel that way, it’s extremely powerful.

Recently Italy’s largest police union came out in support of marijuana legalization. Below is an excerpt from an article from Dolce Vita. Keep in mind I don’t speak Italian, and I’d bet you don’t either, so I had to use Google translator, which makes the wording a little choppy (but you get the jist!):

“After the National Anti-Mafia Directorate and the president of the anti-corruption Raffaele Cantone also the largest police union, the SIULP, takes a position opening the possibility of a legalization of cannabis. The general secretary of the union, Felice Romani, said : “If cannabis was administered through a legal framework would be less dangerous and does not contain those chemicals and pollutants additives that do more damage of the same active ingredient. Today petty crime, or widespread crime, is fueled by young people that just to obtain these substances are turning to the black market and commit crimes such as robberies, muggings and robberies, the most heinous in the common feeling.”

I think Law Enforcement Against Prohibition needs to start a chapter in Italy, if they haven’t already! This is a very significant development, and I hope that law enforcement members in other parts of Europe and beyond get on board. I have talked to many cops that have expressed distaste for prohibition, with them telling me that they think it’s a total waste of time at the least, or outright harmful at the most. It’s time for reform. Prohibition has failed in Italy, and everywhere else that it exists.

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