5 Factors That Will Impact the Quality of Cannabis that You Grow

The attitude throughout the world on marijuana is shifting at a rapid rate. The legalization of medical and recreational marijuana has shown a myriad of benefits for states that have done so. The tax money that has been collected in Colorado is staggering with a percentage of the tax money going directly to schools. The Colorado state government requires a percentage of tax money collected from dispensaries to be used to fund schools. Growing cannabis can be tough if you are looking to grow a high-quality product. The following are factors that will impact the quality of cannabis that you will personally grow. 

Genetics of the Seeds You Buy

The ability to purchase seeds online can be tough due to the legality of cannabis around the world. Finding great seeds with top genetics can make all of the difference. There are hybrids that are far more durable than traditional strains which can be perfect for a rookie cannabis grower. Find the best genetics can easily be done at a dispensary or at a cannabis-based event. Autoflowering cannabis is great for a rookie grower as it will flower automatically. This means that you do not have to decrease the light to ensure the cannabis flowers. The yields on this type of cannabis are likely to be lower than traditional cannabis. Autoflowering cannabis will grow far larger indoors as you can control the lights and keep them on 18 to 20 hours per day. 

Your State’s Legal Status of Cannabis 

Marijuana laws differ by the state with restrictions to access totally or for a segment of the population. All states have a minimum age for cannabis consumption if it is legal in the state. There is no reason that you should be growing cannabis if it is illegal. You could be convicted of a felony and potentially could spend a period of time incarcerated. If it is legal, you need to keep your medical marijuana license updated and do not exceed the maximum number of plants. Growing just for personal consumption cannot be stressed enough. Growing more than this can be viewed as an attempt to distribute cannabis for profit. Security will also be paramount if growing outside. Cannabis thieves are extremely common in states that have the plant legalized. 

Enough Light If Growing Indoor or Outdoor 

Outdoor growers need to pick a part of their property that will be exposed to light for the longest periods during the day. These growers also have to think about what time of the year that it is. Fall tends to be harvesting time throughout the country for cannabis growers. This is due to the reduction of sunlight leading to flowering. 

Indoor growers will most likely invest in LED grow lights as they conserve energy and do not emit as much heat as traditional lights. Too much light is possible and can lead to the burning of the plant. There are different spectrums of light for each stage of growth that certain lights include. 

Nutrients Used During Each Stage of Growing 

General hydroponic nutrients combined with the right system can produce incredible cannabis. Hydroponic grows can be tough to set up if you haven’t done this before. The nutrients cannabis needs change during the vegetation and flowering phase. There are so many guides online that can help if you notice certain things in your cannabis. You could be giving too many nutrients or they could be lacking in an important nutrient like calcium.

Temperature and Ventilation if Grown Indoors 

The variables that impact the quality of cannabis grown are numerous. If you are growing indoors, the temperature of the grow tent or space needs to be high-quality. There should be fans to help control the temperature as grow lights can get extremely hot. Temperature can impact the density of the buds and their overall size. Ventilation is important due to the problem that cannabis can have with mold. Lack of insulation can lead to mold which can spread to all of your plants. Cutting out moldy areas of a bud can save the plant if the mold hasn’t spread too extensively. Do not let your plants sit in used water as this can impact the quality of the cannabis negatively and leads to algae growth. 

Growing quality cannabis will take a few tries as first-time growers can make small mistakes that make a huge difference. Experience will allow you to experiment with different growing tactics, seed genetics, and nutrients. Knowing what is going into your cannabis can be comforting as you know you have not put any detrimental chemicals into the grow.

Keith Mansur

Keith Mansur is the founder, publisher, and editor of Oregon Cannabis Connection newspaper. The print publication has been serving Oregon since 2010. He has been a Oregon medical marijuana patient, grower, and caregiver since 2006. Find him on Facebook or email him at occnewspaper420@gmail.com

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