A Maryland TGI Friday’s Has Made Headlines With Blatant Discrimination.

By Bonnie King

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A sign in the window of TGI Fridays on the east coast has gone viral. That is, the message itself has caused a stir they might not have imagined.

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The sign says plainly, “TGI FRIDAYS WILL NOT SERVE/SEAT GUEST WITH STRONG MARIJUANA ODOR – Thank you, Management.” It was tweeted earlier today, and now has a life of it’s own.

Strong marijuana odor… this is a subject that might as well be handled. With well over half the citizens of the United States on the side of legalization, it must be very difficult for those refusing to accept any social progress to swallow.

Of course, they’d prefer that you just swallow their booze.

Alcohol plays a big part of the income of TGI Fridays, as well as other bars/restaurants across the country. As alcohol lobbies continue to fight cannabis legalization, these establishment cling to their decades-old behaviors of profiling, discriminating and belittling cannabis users.

They hate to lose a good alcohol consumer, no doubt.

Many other businesses are using these same tactics presently. They have not been taught, or refuse to learn, about the benefits of cannabis. They are so afraid that the propaganda is true, they’d rather defend it.

Now that the raucous has been realized, the national corporation behind TGIFridays has said it did not “sanction” the sign and it has been removed. Whether or not the management got the message is yet to be seen.

Until cannabis prohibition is ended at the Federal level, this manner of nonsense will continue.

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2 thoughts on “A Maryland TGI Friday’s Has Made Headlines With Blatant Discrimination.

  • 01/01/2017 at 11:56 am

    I’m much rather places refuse service to those going around in stinking coats that they can never be arsed to have cleaned or to launder. Oh yes, and those people who reek of too much perfume or cologne.

  • 01/03/2017 at 4:51 pm

    Total agreement n I’m in London UK TGF is a ripoff anyway’s total cheek of it huh :o(

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