61% of Likely Wisconsin Voters Support Full Legalization of Marijuana

A new poll released by Marquette University shows an increase in support for full legalization of marijuana in the midwest state. The Marquette Law School poll, conducted from July 11 to July 15 this year, showed a 2% increase over a similar poll from 2016.

“Sixty-one percent say marijuana should be fully legalized and regulated like alcohol while 36 percent oppose legalization,” the Marquette Law School poll said on their website. “When previously asked in July 2016, 59 percent supported legalization and 39 percent were opposed.”

Current Governor Scott Walker has called cannabis a “gateway drug” in the past but did support the approval of high CBD cannabis, but only for those suffering from chronic seizures. In order for legalization to occur legislatively, the state’s governor would need to sign off on it. Unlike 47 other states with initiative processes, Wisconsin has no way for voters to directly approve laws in the normally progressive state. The other two states that do not allow referendums statewide are Rhode Island and Texas.

Fortunately for cannabis legalization advocates, Walker is in a very tight race for reelection. In the same MU Law poll of likely voters, Republican Scott Walker receives 46 percent, Democrat Tony Evers receives 46 percent and Libertarian Phil Anderson 6 percent. Evers indicated that he would sign a legalization bill if voters supported the idea.

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Keith Mansur

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