The Oregon Cannabis Connection Stops Print Version, Will Focus Online

Oregon’s oldest cannabis publication, the Oregon Cannabis Connection, has decided to end its print version of their iconic newspaper. In print continuously since their June/July 2010 issue premiered, the Oregon Cannabis Connection brought cannabis news to thousands of Oregonians every two months with a focus on news and information rather than culture or style. Their last issue was the June/July 2018 edition.

“When we launched, there were few regional cannabis publications that focused on specific states or regions outside of California,” explained Keith Mansur, the newspaper’s co-founder, editor and publisher. “I think we had a substantial impact on improving the perception of cannabis in Oregon.”

Advisory Committee on Medical Marijuana (ACMM) 2013 quarterly meeting. Image OCC

When the Oregon Cannabis Connection launched in 2010, cannabis was only allowed medically in Oregon and no supply system was in place to effectively distribute what the growers produced. In 2013, dispensaries were legalized and in 2014 Oregon legalized adult use with the passing of Measure 91.

“I the beginning we were supported by medical marijuana clinics, head shops, and a few cannabis friendly businesses,” Mansur said. “We didn’t have many dispensaries in the state, just a few that were operating in the legal gray area at the time under the old “donation” business model.”

The legal market was expected to bring in many new advertisers, but uncertainty in the Oregon market and rulemaking made many business owners wary about over extending. Unexpected expenses to keep up with the changing rules also played a part, as well as dozens of new publications that spread the available and willing advertisers thin. Those factors, combined with the increase in digital marketing, made continuing the print publication harder and harder.

“We had a few years before and after legalization where things were looking up, but a lot of publications moved into the space while, at the same time, businesses started to struggle with the markets and decline in prices,” Mansur explained. “Finally the market in Oregon crashed due to overproduction and most businesses have been in serious financial straits ever since.”

Founded by Keith Mansur and his partner Kristi Anderson, at its height the paper reached a distribution of over 21,000 copies at over 400 locations statewide. The extended distribution in remote locations made the publication’s distribution unmatched, as did its news centered content with little cannabis culture coverage. They covered the states cannabis festivals regularly, some glass blowing early on, and the cannabis cups organized by the World Famous Cannabis Cafe, but the rest was news and information about cannabis.

“We were trying to get as much good information to people in print to help educate them about this wonderful plant and how prohibition was a failure and a violation of civil rights,” Mansur shared. “The good news is we will be continuing online at for the foreseeable future.”

Readers will be excited to know their website publishes everything that their print paper did, and a whole lot more. They will continue with contributions from Anthony Taylor in his At Church And State column, Pioneer Pete Gendron’s pontifications, Nathan Jackson’s informative Bug Bites for Bigger Buds column, and Nick and Elizabeth Mahmood’s wonderful philosophical cultivation contributions.

There are affordable and effective advertising opportunities available on their website for interested businesses wanting to reach Oregon cannabis consumers and industry people. Their traffic is significant and unmatched for a cannabis website in Oregon. Contact them for more information on advertising by emailing them at

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