A Guide To Choosing Cannabis Seeds

The year has just begun, and since we tend to like new beginnings as an excuse for setting up new goals and resolutions, this is a time when people do things to put their lives on track, or try at least. Some may think about starting a new workout routine or adopting a new pet, improving with their careers, or taking this or that course they always wanted to. But, when it comes to us stoners, a great new year resolution is to stop buying weed and actually start growing it ourselves at home. 

The thing is, growing marijuana can be easy indeed, it just takes the willpower to do it, the commitment to take care of the plant, and try to get the best results possible. And while growing weed can be easy, you should first check that your living conditions are suitable for your goal. For instance, in the first place, you should check if you live in a place where you count with the necessary space for cultivating cannabis. If you can put a check on this box then allow me to walk you through what’s next: choosing your cannabis seeds.

To grow weed, of course, you’ll need to buy seeds. Choosing the right seeds for you is essential, given you’ll be consuming quite a couple of grams of these. But how do you choose seeds?

It’s simple, you need to take a look at yourself and identify what’s your taste in cannabis. Are you more into the Sativa, euphoric and hyped type of high, or rather the chill and relaxed Indica vibe? This is an aspect you should definitely not ignore unless you feel like trying different things. 

In the second place, you should analyze your aroma and taste of preference when you consume marijuana. When we’re talking about scent and flavor, we’re talking about the terpenes profile of each marijuana plant. Terpenes are different compounds found in weed buds, each providing not only the particular taste and smell of a plant but also coming along with their own set of benefits and health properties. So, first, ask yourself, which flavors do you cherish the most when you smoke some marijuana? Sweet or fruity, or rather woody and spicy? Lemon hues, or rather foresty? Secondly, which effects are you searching to achieve? Do some research on which properties each terpene provides and aim for strains high on these terpenes’ profile. 

Lastly, consider whether you’ll go for photoperiod or autoflowering cannabis seeds. If you’re a new grower, I’d suggest you start with autoflowering seeds, since they are slightly earlier to grow than photoperiods. This is because autoflowers have a sort of biological clock that switches them into the flowering stage, the one where buds production takes place, by themselves, while photoperiods depend on the amounts of light they receive to switch into this stage, which could lead to some trouble if you’re not too experienced. On this aspect, you can also buy your seeds from a trustworthy brand, such as the autoflowers specialized seeds bank Fast Buds, so you save yourself any possible scams or unfortunate events, such as bumping into non-feminized seeds. Besides, autoflower weed plants are normally smaller sized than photoperiods, since they can only reach a certain height, and they also take less time to grow. 

So, now you know the essentials of choosing the right cannabis seeds for you. Get the necessary cultivation equipment and you should be ready to kickstart your stoner New Year’s resolutions! Good luck, may all your dreams be accomplished with success! 

William Stash Jones

William "Stash" Jones is a medical marijuana patient and medical cannabis advocate. He focuses on medical cannabis and its benefits, and believes that medical cannabis is the solution to many problems in medicine today.

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