A Plea For Help on the Klamath Falls Cannabis Initiative

From Ed Medina, Owner of A Better Way Medicinal Alternatives and the co-petitioner of the initiative

More help from Klamath Falls citizens is desperately needed to collect signatures and insure we make the ballot in November. We are not lacking on ideas about how and where to get signatures. Chances are, if you’ve thought of it, so have we. The problem is that people seem to think we have some army of cannabis activists who are helping, but we don’t. Good lord people, this is Klamath Falls! Who do you think we have out there doing all this?!

I guess people expect us to do all of the legal stuff, design, create and print all of the documents, fliers, educational materials, petitions, websites, social media, plan meetings, plan strategies, organize, pay for it all, and then also execute all of it ourselves. We are only humans! The handful of us doing this are regular people. We have full time jobs, families, and everything to deal with that you do. With only five or six people dedicated to this, we are all trying to do the impossible. We organize meetings hoping that more people will show up to help, but they don’t. It ends up being the same small group of people, with all the best intentions and ideas, staring at each other with exhaustion, fear, and disappointment.

And, the group gets smaller each time. We have lost several to burnout and disappointment already. We can have the best laid plans, but if there aren’t people to execute those plans, we get will nowhere. Any of this making any sense? We don’t need more ideas, we need people to show up and make an effort with the plans we already have! We can’t do this alone. When I make a Facebook post, or a plea for help, who do you think I am talking to?

We are KLAMATH strong. That means YOU! That means US!

I personally work 6 days a week and have a family. I am giving all I can, but its not enough. Without your help, its all for nothing.

Please … hear me. I am asking for YOUR help. Not some fictitious superhero who will go out and make this all happen!

It amazes me how many people bitch after the fact, but yet they never showed up, not one time to help. That’s just messed up. As I said before, we are not professional politicians, we are just regular people trying to make a difference in our community – to make things better for us all. Can’t you at least do something to help? Please!

I am begging for some folks to take this seriously, and stand up for what you want and what you believe. Without that, we are lost.

To help, please contact Ed on Facebook, call the dispensary at 541-887-2335, email them at klamathstrong@gmail.com or visit their website to learn more at www.klamathstrong.com. A planning meeting is scheduled for tomorrow and you can find more information on Facebook here.

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