About Us

OCCNewspaper.com is the official website for Oregon Cannabis Connection, a Oregon based cannabis news publication. 21,000 copies of our print paper were distributed to over 350 locations across the state until June 2018. Since that date our publication is only online. We strive to cover interesting stories without the typical counter-culture. OCC is about news and information, not culture.



OCC Staff:


Keith Mansur

Publisher/Executive Editor/Webmaster



William “Stash” Jones

Associate Editor / Contributor



Anthony Taylor

Contributor (at Church and State)


Nathan Jackson

Contributor (Bug Bites for Bigger Buds)


Nick and Elizabeth Mahmood

Contributors (Green Source Gardens)


Other Contributors:

Pioneer Peter Gendron

Miguel Miggy

Habit 420

Johnny Green

Anthony Johnson

John Sajo

Keith Saunders

Lori Duckworth

Paul Armentano

Hemp Today

and many more…


We are located in Tigard, OR.