Alaska Cops Can’t Own Marijuana Shops

By Habit 420
Oregon Cannabis Connection


In a discriminatory move by the Alaska Police Standards Council, the agency ruled May 3rd to ban police in the state from “owning or operating a marijuana business.” The agency has oversight regarding the professional certification of law enforcement in the nation’s largest state and they have the power to revoke that certification based on their rules.

It was a unanimous decision by the council. They cited the continuing federal laws that relegate marijuana to the status of an illegal narcotic such as Heroin or Methamphetamine under the Controlled Substances Act. Marijuana is still considered a “schedule I” drug which categorizes it as a substance with “a high potential for abuse” and “no currently accepted medical use.”

As with every other legal marijuana state, medical or recreational, there are no protections from employment discrimination against people that use the plant. In most cases, federal laws bolster the argument for continuing the discrimination even though some states have adopted very progressive rules which allow cultivation, sales, and medical use for people in their states.

Kyle Hopkins of KTUU in Anchorage tweeted:

“In light of Alaskans’ proud entrepreneurial spirit, the council felt it may be only a matter of time before a certified officer considered pursuing a license to possess, distribute, or cultivate marijuana in Alaska,” the Council director, Bob Griffiths, said in a written statement. “The council decided to send a loud and clear message to those officers considering such an endeavor, that this activity was inconsistent with the ethics of professional law enforcement and is prohibited under current state regulations.”

If found to be participating in a marijuana business, the revocation of their certification will prevent them from getting employed by any police department, or any other law enforcement job in the state.

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