Alignment With Nature and Honoring Cosmic Cycles

I have always questioned our modern agricultural ways. To me it seems as though they fragment and separate nature from the equation of food and medicine production. The way I see it, our modern practices have alienated us from our original intention–which is to care take all life on earth and in doing so preserve the ability for the future generations to experience the true beauty that nature and mother earth have to offer.

From the perspective of Green Source Gardens, we have to begin the commitment to protecting nature and all her abundance. We have to look at the natural cycles of the cosmos and honor them by working strictly with them in our production methods. In order to receive the strength and power of the natural world through our foods and medicines we have to align our gardens to make room for nature to be present and even in control of the spaces we simply participate in. Less machines, less control and less technology in the gardens and farms of production.

Technology and equipment play a role in this modern world, but what if we have given too much power to them and now the balance has been thrown way off and, as a consequence, the environment suffers and is unable to provide for all life? The idea is “all life” is important, yet we often times isolate the human species as the only one that needs to benefit from production. This mentality will only lead us down the path of discrimination that will permeate our cultural outlook. We have to shift our culture to believe in the value of diversity across the board and on all levels. Our gardens and farms have to reflect diversity and produce abundance for all life. The only way we can achieve this is to follow the lead of nature and her natural cosmic cycles.

The fastest way to secure long term abundance is to accept a diverse, less controlled, less uniform, and less standardized way of being. The words dynamic, complex, diverse, ecological, and connected should be used to describe our production sites. True integration looks different than traditional agriculture. In fact, it borders on reflecting more of a natural system that is capable of high production of numerous plants and animals from micro to macro. By continuing to challenge the norm in agriculture with examples that can meet economic means while prioritizing ecological health, we further our journey towards a world capable of shifting human impact on earth from negative environmental consequences to positive ones environmentally enhancing systems that our future can depend on.

Give thanks to mother earth and all her natural beauty, she is the only cannabis grower on the planet. The rest of us should be in service of her to ensure her health for as long as we live. This is the hope of Green Source Gardens.

Nick and Elizabeth Mahmood

Nick and Elizabeth Mahmood are the founders of Green Source Gardens, Oregon's preeminent no-till organic cannabis farm. They bring a vast amount of knowledge to the cannabis growing industry.

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