Allen St. Pierre of NORML Says Goodbye

By Keith Mansur

Oregon Cannabis Connection

July 12, 2016 –

NORML Executive Director Allen St. Pierre made a heartfelt explanation of his somewhat sudden departure from NORML. In the post, St. Pierre explained that he had spent many hours working for little pay to help legalize marijuana, which is now happening at a pace even he could not comprehend. And now, he has a new baby! That will change your perspective in a hurry.

His factors are many and his reasoning sound.  Some may think he is trying to make a buck now that the market has broken free. I believe he has earned that right, leading one of the organizations that was so important in ending the madness in many states. I do think he was walking the tight-rope with his comments on medical marijuana, but NORML was never a medical marijuana organization, were they?

Allen St. Pierre says Goodbye
Allen St.Pierre At Portland NORML Conference

St. Pierre has a lot of knowledge, and a lot of connections. Hopefully he can apply them to his new endeavors. Unlike many canna-preneurs in the industry, Allen knows what he is talking about, and is trustworthy, as well.

From Thanks and Blessings on

“Having poured nearly seventy thousand hours working uber full time on cannabis law reform since early 1991, I’m seeking to apply this deep knowledge base and network of contacts in numerously different ways as America (and other countries too), finally, transitions from cannabis prohibition to cannabis commerce…”

“Times are changing at NORML and in the broader marijuana law movement…where there are now equal calls and emails from aspiring ganjapreneurs than there are from victims of prohibition enforcement seeking help…”

“As a new father-at-fifty the frenetic workload and travel schedule that I’ve maintained for so long at NORML/NORML Foundation — compounded by low pay and no genuine prospects to increase one’s compensation after twenty five years at the non-profit organization — to be the father that I’ve always aspired to become does not at all comport with continued full time employment at NORML/NORML Foundation…”

“There are simply too many thousands of people that I’ve had the pleasure of working with and meeting over these twenty-five years at NORML to properly thank here, but I surely want to acknowledge Paul Armentano, Richard Cowan, Rick Cusick, Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Justin Hartfield, Eleanora (and her late husband Michael) Kennedy, Ethan Nadelmann, Rick Steves and Keith Stroup for abundantly providing me professional support and guidance for so many years…”

Good luck Allen. We hope you the best of luck!

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Keith Mansur

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