An Activists Fight Against Cancer: Sept 18

Our Story

People have asked me for years to tell the story of Heather Willhite-Williams recovery from a serious illness. Its a love story mixed with current cancer treatments and how the caretaker became a patient and the patient became a caregiver. These posts will be somewhat hard to read for loved ones but I believe its time to have real conversations especially with those I’ve lost contact with in my extremely busy life of 8-ish years. Any feedback is welcome but please understand I have a writing style meant to swing your emotions and not follow traditional writing ways. Meant to feel like we are talking over coffee rather espresso.

Here’s the first of many excerpts I’m going to print in a lot of other media especially with Oregon Cannabis Connection, owned by Keith Mansur, who has been the most accurate cannabis journalist I’ve ever known, and a great resource.

This is long and meant to be read when crying and laughing are okay.

Ruthless Love: Part 1

For a few years I’ve been calling myself an atheist and a Buddhist but that’s just because its the closest to my daily devotional life. I believe in a higher power but don’t believe you can find it in most modern religions, so saying I’m atheist is mainly to explain that I worship in private doing what Jesus and the Dalai Lama say.

Look this up, but ill try to quote him. When the Dalai Lama is asked is there a God he says that is a question for spiritual leaders and as people we are to focus on how we are to our fellow humans. In my experience following Buddhist guidelines is the best way and just enhances your religious life. Buddhism never allows hate or lets you use the excuse that your not perfect which is a cop-out excuse that Christians, Muslims and other folks use to try not to care for others with different beliefs from the same books.

I need to explain this because my daily actions mean way more to me now that I’m dying. God that was hard to say. But I’m calling you from the grave and telling what the universe has given me and what we need to do to survive this experience called life.

Please do not get sad or mad as this comes from love and is my first public sharing of my spiritual journey of 48 years. The words come from a place where control is gone and there are no more boundaries of worry. The real end of your life. I have faith they will help, just looking at my illness more realistically now.

All I’m going to say is, about how my wife and I lived for the last decade, its our love story and what we learned about illness and how we can prevent it most times with cleaner food and small amounts of cannabis. So, I share, hoping to make us all love each other again and be open to others choices, even when we don’t agree with them.

When you take 35 minutes to write this much it makes the first steps urgent. I’ll mix in a lot of what many have been through with extreme cancer and other diseases.

I am sitting in OHSU hospital at 2:40 a.m. getting a third of a liter of poison dripped into me a few milligrams at time. Earlier I had chemo put into my spinal fluid via a lumbar puncture. I’ve had 7 of those so far. Today I felt like someone had a pair of pliers pinching my spines bottom tip … take that in. Only for 3 seconds tops. Extreme pain in short burst with high intensity pain but long breaks. Weird huh.

So I sit here and sneak puffs of Purple Afghan Kush off a vape pen with a large battery to feel better, even though it looks bad.

You really should eat cannabis when your immune system is bad due to a fungal infection people can get from smoking it. Its an issue cancer wards see a lot. I have some home made truffles heading my way. Heather always wanted the food to taste like gourmet sweets. Hardest challenge of my life to find away to make it work with all the cannabinoids in place and not just THC or CBD.

Sharing is important now as they don’t know what’s going on exactly with me. A-TEAM of Acute Myloid Leukemia experts at a greatly respected hospital. Weed has helped me deal with this much better even though I always hated using it except to sleep or play Grand Theft Auto … don’t judge me. So, I cant blame anyone for loving cannabis, even those that use it more for recreational uses. Those overusing folks, though, don’t get hurt like alcohol and prescription drug abuse, even in functional users.

If your really truly sick, or what is called terminally ill, you never feel “good”. It’s just not possible. So what strong THC centered cannabis absolutely does better than anything, and believe me I’ve tried to find other ways, is it takes both physical and mental pain away and lets you feel normal without ugly side effects.

I knew this and believed so much in it when my incredible wife asked me to run her cannabis desert food edible wholesale company I jumped at the chance. I knew it was an incredible plant that when mixed with some other medicinal plants helped a lot for serious illness and Heather was my first Guinea pig to figure it out.

Now I get to use it on myself while you watch it work. Like it worked for people for we gave it to for 3 years before going into business. We had to stop the studying of others because we were advised to stop. I have never shared the data because those that helped me collect it during the food giveaways demanding anonymity. Special thanks to Southern Oregon Alternative Medicine – Springfield owned by Brent Kenyon of Grateful Meds for helping especially putting James Hugo in our life. He ran several patient access programs and put us in touch with 1000’s of ill people using cannabis as a therapy. Love you James!

The things we saw were incredible in effectiveness in curing diseases, especially those like Heather’s that science is just kind of stumped by. Her disease is officially called Myasthenia Gravis but I don’t think its that simple and they really don’t know for sure what it is caused by, as many experts have told us. But, with the method we both perfected, a large group of medical cannabis patients found a life with higher survival and happiness rates. They all were freely volunteering guinea pigs, without pay of any kind, and found a life again free of pain. Most of them lived normal lives but some just stayed comfortable until the end. That’s so important to be happy and be able to enjoy time with loved ones. Pain and disease take your freedom to do that away.

Later I’ll share some of the stories and explain why after closing 2 and half years ago people still pay for Heather’s meals on the way out of restaurants. Sad thing is our current governor promised to keep the medical program going but the liquor commission wont let us give out the medicine , only sell it.

More later.


All images provided by David and Heather