Anti-marijuana Activist Thinks Trump Administration Should Crack Down

Project SAM founder writes op-ed for CNBC

By Keith Mansur
Oregon Cannabis Connection


Reefer Madness promoter Kevin Sabet, the founder of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (Project SAM), wrote an op-ed for CNBC stating that Trump and his inept administration should actually crack down on legal marijuana across the nation. He cites public health and safety as his reasons, saying the plant has cost “hundreds of millions of dollars a year”, that impaired driving has cost even more, and claiming that marijuana “weakens the ability of the American workforce to compete in an increasingly global marketplace.”

Sabet attacks every aspect of legalization, including millions in tax revenues that have been raised in legal states. He even drags out old 1990’s rhetoric saying, “Recent evidence demonstrates that today’s marijuana isn’t the weed of the 1960s. It is addictive and harmful to the human brain, especially when used by adolescents.”

Sabet, who worked under Bush and Obama in the Office of National Drug Control Policy, was kind enough to suggest people should not be incarcerated for legal marijuana use or participation in the industries, but he still thinks a crackdown is needed and that marijuana is addictive. He explained is his commentary:

“But we do need to enforce federal law. Indeed, by reasserting federal control over the exploding marijuana industry, we know we can make a positive difference in preventing the commercialization of a drug that will put profits over public health and fight every regulation proposed to control its sale and use.

Marijuana addiction is real, and simply ignoring this health condition will only cost us down the road. We should assess marijuana users for drug use disorders as well as mental health problems, and assist those into recovery. This can’t happen in a climate that promotes use.”

His assertion that cannabis has not boosted the economy in legal states is so full of holes, it looks chicken wire. He fails to account for the thousands of jobs created and millions spent and to be spent by the industry in his slanted numbers, while simultaneously providing no evidence of the imaginary “strain” to local economies or the supposedly “weakened workforce” he somehow can perceive so well from his desk in Washington D.C.

He admits that it’s impossible to tell what a crackdown from the Trump administration would look like, yet he encourages the unhinged occupier of the White House to act in some manner. That is irresponsible under the circumstances. A lot of people could go to jail, yet he espouses that is not his intent.

Sabet is a fraud. He is trying to make a buck off of a burgeoning industry that hurts no one. Why? Because his skill set is so pathetic that its all he knows … living off the government teat by creating and perpetuating propaganda against drug abuse. Pretty useless for a UC Berkeley and Oxford graduate.

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Keith Mansur

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