Basics of Infused Edibles: March 26 Infographic

By OCC Staff


There is a lot of confusion surrounding edibles in the cannabis world. A friend of mine just had a lollipop that kicked his ass while he was dealing with pain from a biceps tear, and he only ate a small portion of it. There are other edibles I have had that say they are strong yet they have little effect on me.

The nice folks at Whaxy and Medical Jane teamed up to make this infographic, which has been around a while but is still very accurate.  One of the main things to consider is time. You must allow time for the edible to go to work, sometimes up to an hour. If the dose is right, once it kicks in you will know its working. It can be a nuanced effect depending on what you are trying to achieve, but usually you will get relief and feel the medicine working.


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Keith Mansur

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