Being A Conscious Cannabis Consumer

Cannabis consumers should be careful about which products they buy

By Nick Mahmood and Elizabeth Luca-Mahmood
Of Green Source Gardens
For Oregon Cannabis Connection


Because purchasing cannabis in Oregon is now a norm, it is time to start considering how to make the right choice about what you are buying. Consumers vote with their dollars; by understanding this, we have to take seriously the act of purchasing and make sure to buy what we believe in.

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Look for “certified” sources for your cannabis. These organizations have a minimum standard for growers to achieve to get approved.

From an ecologically-centered approach, i.e., what is best for the planet and environment, it is important to understand exactly where and how a product is produced. Make sure to ask budtenders where the product was grown and by whom. If they can’t provide that information, consider a different dispensary that cares about the farms where their products are grown.

Besides asking where the cannabis was grown, look for third party approval, such as Clean Green Certified, Certified Kind or Dragonfly Earth Medicine Pure. Third party certification shows that a farm is open and transparent about their methods and meets standards for ethical practices. The environmental and ecological impacts of the producer who created a product is important to understand. Outdoor/Sungrown flower, for instance, is the environmentally conscious choice because growing indoors uses massive amounts of energy to run lights and moderate climate.

The next thing to do is learn whether the farm has a website, Facebook page or Instagram account. You can tell a lot about a farm by they way they represent themselves on social media and what their outreach is like. Are they a big company? A family company? Do they share their growing methods? Do they convey a mission or story that resonates with you?

Conscious, Consumer, Cannabis, Marijuana, Certified, Certified Kind, Clean Green, Dragonfly Earth, Green Source Garden
Proper organic regenerative techniques include many complimentary plants and fungi to increase the soil fertility. Image: Green Source Gardens

Finally, you can help maintain integrity in the cannabis industry by supporting small owner-operated and managed producers. Doing this ensures that small family businesses are considered in the evolving industry and rules.

We ask all consumers to research and look for products from places you believe in and trust. If the farm you’re interested in is open about their practices, shows concern about their environmental impact, has obtained third party approval and creates beautiful flowers, we believe that would make a good choice!

The future of the environment is in everyone’s hands. The sooner we become conscious of purchasing impacts and choose products from businesses that clearly convey efforts toward better agricultural practices, the sooner we can be assured that cannabis production remains in the hands of small family artisan farms that care for the earth.

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Nick and Elizabeth Mahmood

Nick and Elizabeth Mahmood are the founders of Green Source Gardens, Oregon's preeminent no-till organic cannabis farm. They bring a vast amount of knowledge to the cannabis growing industry.

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  • 12/27/2016 at 10:44 am

    Interesting … I doudt that many liberal Portlanders give a crap about small oraganic marijuana producers , otherwise they would have voted no on such a stupid undefined law …
    Keep Portland Stupid …

  • 12/29/2016 at 1:26 am

    Ha ha portland liberal yeah right maybe with LBGT people but that about it portland is all about Corporatism and big money. Starbucks no tax Nike no tax Adidas no tax.
    SMALL ORGANIC GARDEN taxed taxed taxed.
    Why should any farm get clean green or any other certification its just more tax for the small business.
    Liberal ha ha ha so funny that people that dont live here think this way. Portland is doing there best to push out non white and non rich, that does not sound all that liberal to me.

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