Book Review: Ed Rosenthal’s New Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits

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Ed Rosenthal’s most recent edition to his Big Book of Buds series, the Big Book of Buds: Greatest Hits!

By Habit 420

Oregon Cannabis Connection

LA Confidential strain close-up. Ed spends time explaining the trichome for the reader in one section. Image:
LA Confidential strain close-up. Ed spends time explaining the trichome for the reader in one section. Image:

August 7, 2016 – Ed Rosenthal has made a compilation of many years of work on his “Big Book of Buds” series of books. The legendary author and cultivation expert has an unsurpassed eye, and nose, for great cannabis strains. Even after years of publishing books on growing and strains, The Big Book of Buds: Greatest Hits from Quick American Publishing is no letdown. It’s a wonderful compilation, with extra information not included in his early “Big” books.

Ed wrapped the book in a beautiful bronze metallic cover, and included a photo of “The Church” strain from Green House Seed Co. in the Netherlands. As with all strains in his books, the genetics are known and the seed companies responsible for the beautifully photographed strains are listed. Companies like TGAgenetics Subcool Seeds, Dutch Passion, BC Bud Depot, Sesni Seed Bank, and at least 22 other companies are represented.

The introduction is a minor history lesson, and explains the more recent evolution of the seed companies as well as the ancient relationship between cannabis and humans. It is immediately followed by a icon key, and an explanation of the icons and how they should be used. The icons identify strain type, growing information, sensory experiences, and breeder location, which again goes back to Ed’s support of stable and known genetic suppliers.

The list of strains is alphabetical, a format all his “Big” books follow. From A-Train to White Widow, he covers the cream of the crop strains that are available on the worldwide market.

Ask ed, rosenthal, big book of buds greatest hits
White Satin strain from Mandala Seeds. Image

In between the listings, he places wonderful tidbits that every connoisseur should learn. He drops a two-page plant diagram in one section rather early on, and later a six-page section on terpenes and the secret of their chemistry. Between the “Jack Herer” and “Jack The Ripper” strains, he slipped in a four-page tribute to marijuana legalization legend Jack Herer, Ed’s dear friend who passed away in April 2010. He even puts a very informative five-page section on trichomes in later pages, as well as cultivation tips throughout.

At the back, are the ubiquitous pages of advertisements from companies and organizations, along with a glossary and a few journal pages to make notes on strains you try that are in the book. It’s a large 228-page book (not including ads in the back) and is nicely bound and with heavy stock, as a “Big Book” should be!

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