Breaking News: Deschutes County Lifts Marijuana Ban

May 11, 2016 – 5:00PM

By Tristan Reisfar

Deschutes County hearing testimony on marijuana licensing Earlier this month.

Deschutes County moves to “opt in” to all marijuana business.

The current temporary opt out that has been in effect since December will be voted on by the Commission after staff drafts the new ordnance which will regulate all cannabis business in unincorporated Deschutes County. All three commissioners supported the move to rescind the current ban.

The Commission decided not send the “opt out” to a vote of the people, however there may be a referendum by the opponents of regulation that could force a vote in the November General election.

As the meeting ended, Current Board Chair and candidate for re-election, Alan Unger, asked the county council to give free advice to the opponents on how to challenge the ordinance. The County council declined to give legal advice to the public, since that is not his job.

A link to video of the May 11th meeting is on the Deschutes County website here.

The Commission will meet on May 25th to vote on the ordnance to rescind and to review the drafted rules.

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