BudPop Review: Legit Delta-8 THC Products?

The discovery of the Delta 8 isomer and its extraction has given a new dimension to the cannabis market. Because of its mild nature, Delta 8 has no trouble getting the government’s approval.

You can get access to it at local as well as online dispensaries. One such popular online store is BudPop.

BudPop has made its way into the customer’s heart by making good quality Delta-8 products.

Read on to get some detailed information about Delta 8 and BudPop.

What is Delta 8?

We know that delta 8 is the new THC that is ruling the cannabis market lately. But what is Delta-8 exactly?

The most predominant THC in cannabis is Delta 9. The extraction of Delta 9 from Hemp plants is quite easy because of its abundance.

Delta 8 is a byproduct of this extraction procedure. Unlike Delta 9, which is highly potent in nature, delta 8 is a milder THC. It has an amazing effect on the body that calms the nerves down and brings an unusual sense of relaxation. Delta-8’s high is more focused and positive, which uplifts your mind and body.

Delta 8 is present in extremely trace amounts in the hemp plant. Thus, the extraction from the plant itself is quite costly and difficult. Therefore, manufacturers use CBD substitutes for producing delta 8 by the process of isomerization.

Benefits of Using Delta 8

The primary benefit of using delta 8 is that it makes your mind relaxed. The level of potency in delta-8 is half of what is offered by delta 9. This means you just get the goodies and not the added paranoia that comes with Delta 8.

Some of the popularly known benefits of delta-8 are:

  • It helps in reducing anxiety. The reduced psychoactive nature of delta 8 helps bring a more calming effect with it.
  • It is used by a lot of patients suffering from chronic pain. Delta 8 has a direct effect on inflammation in the body. It reduces the same and gives a temporary respite from pain.
  • Many people who are suffering from a low appetite use delta 8 to induce hunger. It is a commonly used THC variant amongst patients suffering from eating disorders.
  • Delta-8 is also used for its antiemetic properties. Many cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy take delta 8 to reduce the effect of nausea during the treatment.

BudPop – The Best Place to Buy Delta 8?

With the rising popularity of Delta 8, there are a lot of online stores coming up. Seeing the high number can be intimidating. That is why you need to know which brand to trust.

That’s why you need to check out BudPop. BudPop has been winning the hearts of their customers since they started. The team at BudPop has truly understood the benefits of delta 8 and made sure that the people buying from them understand the same.

BudPop grows its hemp in the most organic way possible. They do not use any GMO’s or pesticides. Just the natural soil and supporting weather of Nevada.

Because of using organic hemp, the quality of their products is highly pure, and they are more effective. Their entire manufacturing process is so transparent that you can find all their lab test certificates online. BudPop has gone leaps and bounds in making sure that their customers get the finest Delta 8 in the country.

To top it all, all the products produced by BudPop are 100% vegan. So, if you have dietary restrictions, they got you covered.

BudPop Product Range

With a superior quality Delta-8, BudPop has amazing products to offer. In fact, their gummies are so effective and popular that they have made the top 5 list of so many blogs and websites.

Some of their best-selling products are mentioned below.

Delta 8 Gummies

BudPop delta 8 gummies are currently ranking number 1 for the remarkable experience they give to the user. These gummies have a carefully curated flavor and taste that enhances your high even more. They give you a mild euphoria that relaxes each and every nerve in your body.

Isn’t that what you expect when you pop a THC gummy!

They sell two variants of gummies.

  • Strawberry Gelato gummies – a perfect combination of strawberry flavor with a gelato feel, this gummy is a must-try. Each gummy contains about 25g of delta 8 that gives you an amazing high after 45 minutes of consumption.
  • Blue Dream Berry gummies – a perfect combination of berry flavor encased in a blue dream covering. These gummies also contain about 25 g of delta 8 and offer a great hit after 45 minutes of consumption.

The sad part is that they have only two flavors to offer. Luckily, they are remarkable enough to win you over.

Delta 8 Vape

If you enjoy smoking up your weed, then you must try the delta 8 vapes by BudPop. Each vape cartridge is designed to give the perfect amount of Delta 8.

Every puff will make you feel light and relaxed and take all your stress away. They have two very exciting vape flavors that will tickle your taste buds.

  • Grape Runtz – a very tangy and peppy fruit flavoring that will make you nostalgic about the grape-flavored skittles. Each cartridge is 1ml and contains about 800g of delta-8 in it. It also contains delightful grape flavoring and terpenes.
  • Strawberry gelato – this flavor is their best one, be it a vape or the gummies. The strawberry gelato flavor will bring a smile to your face almost instantly. It has the same concentration of delta-8 as the grape runtz.

Unlike other brands, BudPop does not dilute its cartridges by adding any cutting agents. As a result, all you get is 100% pure, unadulterated delta 8 extract.

The quality of the cartridge in itself is quite superior. They are made of stainless steel and have food-grade silicon. It also has a ceramic heater that is designed explicitly for hemp.

The size of the cartridge is universal, and it fits right in almost all the 510 vape pens.

Delta-8 Induced Hemp Flower

A lot of people still like to take time and roll themselves a big fat joint to enjoy. For those who love the old-school way, BudPop’s delta 8 induced hemp flowers are pure perfection.

These flowers come in two variants.

  • Northern Lights – it is made from the indica strain. This product is a perfect choice for those wanting a high to clear their head and get more focused. This flower is an amazing combination of flowery, citrusy, and earthy aromas.
  • Cookies – it is made of a hybrid strain with indica characteristics at the dominant end of the spectrum. It offers a beautiful sense of relaxation, giving you the feel of a luxury spa. The reason it is called cookies is because of its sweet and nutty aroma with hints of sweet diesel.

Both the hemp flowers come in 5 different packages with varying amounts of Delta 8. The standard bag contains about 4.2g of the most premium and superior quality Delta 8.

BudPop Lab tests

As mentioned earlier, BudPop has kept its business clean and transparent. To win the trust of their customers, they have made sure that all their products are lab tested and 100% safe for consumption.

Their website has a dedicated page that has a detailed view of the lab tests done on all their products. You can open the certificates and see for yourself if the product they are offering is pure and without any harmful contamination.

You can also contact their team to know more about the lab tests and understand the results shown.

Benefits of Choosing BudPop

It is safe to say that there are innumerable benefits of choosing BudPop as your weed supplier.

They use only organic and GMO-free hemp strains, which are grown in natural fertilizers without the addition of pesticides.

  • Every product listed on the website has undergone proper lab testing.
  • Every product has a unique blend of flavor and aroma that will make you go crazy over it.
  • There is a lot of transparency in the way they conduct their business.

Apart from the obvious, being an online dispensary, you can keep all your weed purchases discrete.

All you have to do is sign on their website and provide valid ID proof. Scroll through their impressive product list, fill up the cart, make the payment and wait for your delivery.

Your box of green happiness will be delivered to your doorsteps. You don’t have to break a sweat!

Another great thing about ordering with BudPop is that your package will get delivered within 48 hours from when it was placed.

To Sum It Up: Is BudPop a Good Brand for Delta-8?

Delta 8 might be a new variant in the market but choosing an experienced manufacturer for your supplies is a must.

The team at BudPop holds an experience of 30 years in the industry, and they know everything about industry standards. You deserve the best, so shop from the best and get the best quality weed online!

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