Buyer’s Guide: Selecting an Ideal Quartz Banger for your Dab Rig

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced dabber, you either have dabbed or heard about it by now. Experts suggest wax as the future of ingesting medicine- all thanks to the efficiency, efficacy, and delicious terpy dabs. Banger- small dabbing equipment is a pipe part that vaporizes the delicate dabs. Thus, the key to perfect dabbing lies in fitting the equipment properly and choosing an acceptable quality.

Selecting the proper banger is an art. And, why not? There is a wide range of bangers out there. You stand ahead of the store, scratching your head, wondering that going in for a too big banger will make the heating process long while the small equipment will take years to melt.

Are you confused about which is the proper banger for you? Well, this ultimate guide is your sure-shot path to success. Let’s get going:

Male or Female- the Gender of the Banger:

While it sounds sexual, believe that it isn’t. Technically, banger finds its identification by a specific gender. Once you know the standard size on the dab rig or the water pipe, the gender of the joint should be the next thing to consider.

Know that the female joint is wide in outlook and needs a male banger. On the other hand, the male joint is narrow and fits well inside the female banger, which goes over the same. One of the most common go-to-go standards for the glass industry is the female dab rigs. Although the male joints were popular, modern times perceive them as a little less typical.

Size of the Banger:

Know that bangers come in numerous sizes. Thus, it becomes vital to select the optimum size to fit your needs well. Expert cannabinoid users consider terp slurper quartz banger as a right-sized banger since it has a 14 mm head barrel outer diameter and 22 mm top portion diameter. However, the typical joint size doesn’t make a massive difference in terms of functional ability and quality of the banger or pipe and is precisely the glassblower decision.

Check the bevel and the top:

Quartz bangers have different bevels and tops. Some of these have angled tops, which are visually more appealing and enable you to use small-to-medium-sized dabs. Another advantage is that these are easy to clean and have good heat retention. The flat-top quartz bangers have become popular in recent times.

These can be used with any carb cap, and the users can enjoy as many dabs as possible. If you’re passionate about the bubble carb caps, choose a beveled top banger. It works well in creating a perfect seal around the cap while allowing you to inhale all the excellent vapor.

Bucket Size:

Always choose equipment in which the dab size matches the bucket size. Know that large dabs require big buckets so that the waste is less and your nail remains clean. Small dabs, on the other hand, need a smaller bucket for better heat control. However, if you wish to keep things clean, it is best to go in for a bigger-sized banger- independent of the dab size.

To Sum It All

You often stand and contemplate, “What is the best quartz banger for me”?

Well, it’s the one that works well in fitting your dab rigs and matches your dab habits perfectly. Evaluate if you prefer low temperature or high-temperature dabs. Do you take small dabs or lookout to blow big, snakey blobs of your beloved concentrate?

Mentioned above are some more considerations to keep in mind while buying a quartz banger. Once you know your dabbing preference, the selection process will become pretty easy for you!

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