Can CBD Hemp Cream Help in Jaw Pain?

If you feel discomfort or pain while moving your jaws, possibly you are going through TMJ. In local terms, people use jaw pain instead of TMJ. Jaw pain is a result of TMJ. There are various traditional remedies for it. However, now people are looking towards CBD as its treatment.

As per a study in the Journal for Clinical Medicine, CBD creams might help to solve millions of jaw and facial pain cases. Some researchers show a 70% reduction in jaw pain only after two weeks of applying CBD hemp cream for muscle pain. Some people are still not aware of TMJ, its symptoms, and its causes. Through this article, you will understand whether CBD is effective on jaw pain or not and various other things about TMJ.

Is CBD Hemp Cream Effective in TMJ?

Through the past few years, CBD has become a possible treatment for several issues, such as anxiety, stress, epilepsy, insomnia, chronic and acute pain, and hypertension. Surprisingly, there are anecdotal and some scientific facts that show the effectiveness of CBD in TMJ or jaw pain.

Before understanding the working of CBD hemp cream for muscle pain, it is vital to know what TMJ disorder is, the factors behind pain in TMJ, its symptoms, and its effects.

What is TMJ Disorder?

To understand TMJ, take your hand to the side of your cheeks. Then open and close your jaws several times. Do you feel the movement of a joint, or do you hear a knocking sound? It is the movement of the temporomandibular joint. In simple words, temporomandibular joints, popularly known as TMJ, are the joints connecting the skull with your lower jaw. You might not realize, but your upper jaw is fixed. Only the movement of the lower jaw causes the opening and closing of the mouth.

If there is pain in that joint, the condition is called TMJ disorder. The disorder leads to pain in the jaw. There are some traditional treatments for TMJ disorders. Some of them are:

  • Using an appliance to keep upper and lower teeth at their place. It reduces the effects of grinding teeth in sleep, one of the important reasons behind TMJ disorder. It also protects enamel from damage.
  • Techniques that relax, control, and reduce muscle tensions in the joint or jaws.
  • Medications that reduce muscle spasms.

There are some over-the-counter drugs, medications, or opioids used to treat TMJ. However, most of them pose side effects in the long run.

Factors that Cause TMD

Here are some of the reasons behind TMJ disorder.

  • A key reason is connective tissue diseases, such as kinds of arthritis and jaw injury.
  • In most cases, TMJ develops as a side effect of arthritis. It is often considered a byproduct of arthritis, especially osteoarthritis and rheumatoid. Rheumatoid is one of the most common kinds of arthritis that targets the cartilage that surrounds the joints.
  • In osteoarthritis also, the cartilage is torn, which results in disorders like TMD. However, unlike rheumatoid arthritis, it develops over a long span.
  • Another common reason for TMD is jaw injuries because of accidents, assaults, and sporting activities. There is evidence where TMD happens because of rigorous and frequent grinding of teeth.
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Symptoms of TMD

Here are some signs of TMD.

  • Continuous pain and discomfort in and around the jaws. You might also feel a headache. Your mouth, ears, and face might also hurt.
  • You might feel consistent chronic pain or sharp acute pain in your jaw, especially while eating. It might make chewing difficult for you.
  • You might also feel lockjaw. Lockjaw is a painful situation that results in jaw muscle spasms. It makes working with your mouth difficult. Fortunately, it is a treatable condition.

Effects of TMD

  • It might look like a normal disease, but TMJ can drastically affect your life. You might start hesitating from meeting people because of pain. The lockjaw further makes socializing difficult. Simple activities like talking, chewing, drinking, and eating becomes a challenge.
  • TMD can also cause certain changes in your face. However, once TMD is treated, those changes will come back to normal.

So, now you are well aware of TMJ and its various aspects. But how is CBD hemp cream for muscle pain effective? Are there any studies or research?

Here is a list of some studies and research on it

  • According to a 2012 study reported by the Journal of Experimental Medicine, CBD acts as a neural pathway blocker. It effectively blocks the pain messages from reaching your brain. The study is a turning point for people suffering from TMJ, particularly when pain is constant and long-term.
  • For people looking for TMJ and arthritis pain treatment, the European Journal of Pain publishes a report showing that CBD is effective on jaw pain and other types of pain. Additionally, it is also helpful in inflammation.
  • Although treating inflammation is not directly connected with jaw pain, it has a vital part in it. Think, inflammation around the joints can increase pain. However, if Sunday Scaries CBD strains also reduces inflammation, the pain will not increase.
  • A group of researchers from three well-known Polish Universities decided to know whether the analgesic property of CBD is also effective for patients going through temporomandibular disorders ( Popularly known as TMD or TMJ) and myofascial pain (MFP).

The author of this study explains, “Myofascial pain within masseter muscles [the muscles surrounding the jaw] is a common disorder. Innovative methods to reduce muscle tonus and allow masticatory muscles to recover from myofascial pain are in demand. CBD as a safe alternative to THC should be carefully studied in all possible applications in medicine.”

The study concluded, “Further research is needed in this field, but CBD, as an alternative for THC, should be taken into consideration in the therapy of masticatory muscles in patients with TMD… Advanced clinical trials should be conducted to determine the dose, route of administration, and effectiveness of CBD in the therapy of myofascial pain of masseter muscles.” Undoubtedly, there are various unexplored aspects of CBD. However, these studies are evidence that CBD is effective on jaw pain.


The opinion of society on CBD is divided into two halves. Some people are happy to know these studies on CBD and accept CBD as a treatment for various issues. But some people do not admit the widespread benefits of CBD. What you can do is decide your stand and work accordingly.

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