Can Hemp CBD Help Treat Nicotine Addiction?

Cigarette or nicotine addiction has been a major problem for people who have been smoking cigarettes for a period of time. Smokers are having a hard time getting rid of nicotine as it enters the blood steam and it can stay in our system for a long time. One of the most difficult problems with quitting smoking is nicotine withdrawal and any cessation method should warrant discussion with a clinician.

Luckily, as most states in the US legalized CBD with less 0.3% THC, there are now alternatives to cigarette smoking. There are products like hemp cigarettes and hemp prerolls, like those available at Mr Hemp Flower, that can substitute tobacco cigarettes. These herbal smokes have a promising effect in treating nicotine addiction compared to other cessation method.

There are also products like nicotine patches that can help you quit smoking, but they dont necessarily work for all people for a variety of reasons. Side effects, efficacy, affordability, and lack of metal health support are the main reasons why trying out quit smoking products alone is often not effective.

Nicotine withdrawal causes anxiety, depression, mood swings, and other mental health conditions and treating withdrawal symptoms alone is not successful in the long term. Because of this, an alternative like hemp CBD may come handy as it treats the side effects of nicotine withdrawal and helps relax the body.

While studies for CBD as an option to treat nicotine addiction are limited, it could be a safe and effective way to quit smoking, according to people who have tried it. One study concluded that CBD can reduce nicotine consumption by 40%.

Transitioning from Tobacco to CBD

A lot of CBD companies sell pre-rolls that almost look like the usual cigarette so it transitioning is even easier. While CBD cigarettes are more expensive, they can last longer and possess health benefits which the key purposes of using CBD products. In the US, tobacco smoking is one of the top preventable causes of death while there are no recorded cases of deaths due to CBD usage.

Hemp CBD can help maintain homeostasis, which keeps us balanced in an ever-changing external environment. Some studies found that CBD can reduce Social Anxiety Disorder, while other studies found that CBD can have the same effect as mental health medications, but without the side effects many medications have.

There are some evidence that hemp CBD products with higher potency can enhance the quality of sleep, which is one of the problems when dealing with nicotine withdrawal. CBD also lessen the impact of visual triggers and smoking memories, making it easier to forget nicotine and fight the craving.

Can Hemp CBD Activate Dopamine Receptors?

While health professionals use different cessation methods in treating nicotine addiction, hemp users say that hemp products can ease nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Dr. Michele Ross, a medical professional and cannabis consultant, says that people who smoke CBD products are 50% less likely to consume cigarette. Base on Dr. Ross’ studies, CBD can help activate the body’s dopamine receptors and boost anandamide.

When a person inhales nicotine, it only takes ten seconds for the effect to be felt in the brain. Tit is this boost the dopamine receptors which gives the person a happy and relaxed feeling. However, with the long period of time-consuming nicotine, the brain becomes dependent to nicotine to produce dopamine. This leads to some mental disorders and other side effects when trying to quit.

Hopefully, more studies will surface in the future supporting hemp CBD as an option to treat nicotine addiction.

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