Can you Get Paid to Smoke Weed?

With the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada in late 2018, the industry has created exciting opportunities for people. One of such opportunities is getting paid to smoke weed. Also referred to as cannabis connoisseurs, these people get paid to use various cannabis products and review them.

Aside from writing reviews, companies ask connoisseurs to take videos of themselves testing the products and give objective feedback on why they like or don’t like the product. The cannabis company then uses the feedback to improve its research and design. Cannabis connoisseurs started in Canada in 2019 when companies needed first-hand feedback on their products.

Cannabis company Health Canal recently offered $3,000 monthly or $40,000 annually as remuneration for smoking weed and reviewing it. The company is looking to explore the application of cannabis products to remediate health challenges and diseases. The constructive review on the ingredient, texture, flavor, and source of the product will help the company improve.

A Higher Level Of Thought (AHLOT) also advertised a similar role. They offered $50 per hour to connoisseurs to sample their various strains. The evaluation aims to help new users determine their threshold and improve the product package.

Some qualifications for the role include comprehensive knowledge of cannabis and excellent writing ability. Applicants must also be 18 years and above and should be Canadian or American citizens for legalization reasons. You can find jobs like this on a cannabis company website, newspapers, and news websites. You can also look out for cannabis companies in America, seeing as marijuana is legal there.

Becoming a Cannabis Tester

One important criterion to becoming a cannabis tester is vast knowledge about cannabis. Some of which include the source, strains, method of consumption, dosage, and more. In this way, budtenders or individuals who have worked in a dispensary have an advantage. However, this is no guarantee, if you can show your skills and expertise, you have a good chance.

Getting a testing job can be an uphill task, as the competition is stiff and many people apply. Of the 25,000 people that applied for AHLOT’s opening, only eight made it into the committee. That’s how competitive it can be.

You should also note that to be a tester, you have to be in top shape health-wise as you will use cannabis products regularly, sometimes daily. As beneficial as cannabis is to health, prolonged excessive use affects memory. Cannabis testers also have to juggle multiple tasks, reviewing, video production, content creation, and guest appearances at cannabis events.

What the Pay is Like

The estimated average pay of a cannabis tester is $50,453. The jobs are usually on a contractual basis. However, some jobs are permanent. It boils down to the company’s size and research budget. One of the biggest benefits of being a cannabis connoisseur is working from home.

It also comes with perks such as attending paid events and getting free cannabis supplies. For an edge when applying as a cannabis tester, it’s wise to have tested the product beforehand. You can search for their product by typing, order weed delivery near me as a search query.

What Products Need Testing?

Cannabis companies require testers to test as many products as possible. Some of the products include CBD oil, vapes, edibles, concentrates, topicals, cannabis lubes, and many more. Testers are most times required to write a review of the products.

Other times, companies require the tester to do a video unboxing of the products. If the company adds this clause to the contract, testers need to have good social media followership, preferably influencer status. They could also require tasters to write reviews on their social media accounts. So, if you want to earn money smoking weed, you will want to grow your online presence.

Difficult but Lucrative

With the exponential growth of the cannabis market, new jobs are coming up. Cannabis connoisseur is such, and they are quite lucrative once you make it through the application phase. You can then get paid to enjoy a hobby you already practice.

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