Cannabis As Medicine: January 15 Infographic

By Habit 420

Oregon Cannabis Connection


There are discussions happening daily across America as to the efficacy of cannabis as medicine. People that refuse to see the truth are simply not looking at the facts, or the thousands of studies that have occurred worldwide confirming that it is very effective for a wide variety of ailments.

Most states that have legal medical marijuana have opted for a list of ailments that can be treated by this amazing plant, and the restrictions on its application and use are not based in science, but fear. Even the “smoking” aspect of cannabis has shown to not be as detrimental as once thought.

This graphic from Nowsourcing, developed for, is a nice way to visualize the options with cannabis and some of the ailments it treats that we know of. More ailments are surely helped by medicating with cannabis, but the restrictions on its use and study arer impairing the scientific scommunity from launching the large scale studies that the US Food and Drug Administration want to see.


Cannabis as Medicine: Looking Into The Modern Apothecary


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Habit 420 is a Oregon Medical Marijuana Program participant for over ten years, a grower, and an activist. He believes cannabis has a unique place in our society and should be embraced for medical and adult use. To correspond with him, email him at

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