Cannabis Culture Dispensaries Raided, Marc Emery Arrested

By William “Stash” Jones

Oregon Cannabis Connection


December 16, 2016 — Marc Emery, also known as “The Prince of Pot” was arrested this evening at one of his dispensaries in Canada. Police descended on all the dispensaries and arrested Marc Emery at one of the locations.

Yesterday it became legal to dispense in Montreal. Cannabis Culture, Emery’s company with his wife Jody, opened eight storefronts in the Canadian city. News outlets covered the story heavily on Thursday.

Marc Emery stood in the lobby of his storefront Thursday and gave away cannabis to whoever wanted it proclaiming, “Who wants a nug” to the crowd gathered at one of his Montreal locations. On Friday, everything changed.

Some of their employees were also detained in the raids, but Jody Emery was not and spoke to Cannabis Culture media that filmed a one location during the raid. Their video streamed live on Facebook during the raids.

View video here.

Emery became famous for spending five years in U.S. Federal prison for selling seeds across the border from Canada to the United States. He was released in 2014 and immediately became involved again in the Canadian marijuana movement and has dispensaries in Ontario and British Columbia.

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One thought on “Cannabis Culture Dispensaries Raided, Marc Emery Arrested

  • 02/22/2017 at 2:46 pm

    Don’t be fooled, he is NO martyr. He is doing this for the money and nothing else. The Prince of Pot, more like the Prince of Piss. I am a life long smoker and I would NOT spend one dime on anything with his name or Snoop Dog. People who follow them as they openly defy the law are just as much assholes. The Prince of Piss would have all the masses believe that him and Snoop Dog will decriminalize Mary J. by petitioning the government. But they can’t do anything to decriminalize it, so all his preening and posturing has been for naught. And for the not so educated it is; Canadian food and drug Act and Regulations.

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