Cannabis Industry Nightmare: Sen. Jeff Sessions Nominated for Attorney General

By Keith Mansur

Oregon Cannabis Connection


November 18, 2016 — As we explained in our last post concerning Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions becoming the next Attorney General, few choices could be worse for cannabis, and the nation in the end. As it turns out, Donald Trump has done just that. This morning he announced Senator Sessions as his nominee for AG, along with the disastrous choices of retired Lt. Gen Mike Flynn as National Security Adviser, and Rep. Mike Pompeo of Kansas as Director of the CIA.

Choices like these show the instability of Donald Trump and his inability to select responsible adults to serve in his cabinet. His selections are from the fringe of reasonableness, and they are reflective of Trump’s inability to lead the nation. He has only made a handful of choice so far, and most observers feel they are to the extreme.

The cannabis industry had better sit up and notice the changes, and not pretend that the incoming President will take a wait and see approach, or worse yet, assume he will not “mess with cannabis” because too many people support its use. Need I remind everyone that Trump received almost 2 million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton and won the election by doing and saying exactly what he wanted. Every indication is that Trump will be a nightmare for cannabis as he bends far right as he heads for the White House in January.

Senator Jeff Sessions is a racist. Senator Jeff Sessions does not believe a woman has the right to choose what happens to her own body. Senator Jeff Sessions was denied federal judgeship due to his racist and extreme views. Senator Jeff Sessions said “good people don’t smoke marijuana.” Senator Jeff Sessions is a extreme right wing nut-job in many estimations, and right wing nut-jobs do not support marijuana, medical or otherwise.

Any cannabis entrepreneur that doesn’t pause and take notice of the coming changes in policy is either a grifter or a fool. I would fully expect the Cole Memo to be replaced with no policy on marijuana at all, if Sessions is approved – and he very likely will be. Attorney General Jeff Sessions will then do as he sees fit as the nations top law enforcement official.

Welcome to Trump World!


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Keith Mansur

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