Cannabis Pesticide Testing Hearings Scheduled For April 27 and 28

By Keith Mansur
Oregon Cannabis Connection


Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) are considering dropping the pesticide testing rules to ridiculously unsafe levels under new rules that have been proposed. After the the end of a six week long comment period, they will consider changing the law and allowing concentrates into the market that have not been tested, even though the failure rate of the medical marijuana concentrates was over 25%.

Reducing the standards to the pathetically low levels they have proposed do nothing but risk cannabis consumers health and safety to insure companies that have undistributed pesticide tainted products they cannot sell due to contamination can get it to market. Corporate greed has driven the possible policy changes and experts that have knowledge about pesticides, testing procedures, and best practices were ignored during the Rules Advisory Committee (RAC) meetings earlier this year.

This press release from Oregonians for Public Health and Safety breaks it down and provides the addresses and times for the hearings.


Hearings on Proposed Cannabis Testing Rules to Virtually Eliminate Testing for Pesticides on Cannabis

Clean Cannabis and public health activists plan to testify against dangerous proposed rules for recreational cannabis at hearings in Portland and Eugene on the 27th and 28th of April

Portland/Eugene, OR: Tomorrow Thursday the 27th in Eugene at 11am at the Atrium Building, 99 W 10th Ave., in the Sloat Room and on Friday the 28th in Portland at 10am at the Portland State Office Building 800 NE Oregon St. Inside room 1A the Oregon Health Authority will be holding public hearings on proposed cannabis testing rules that would severely limit pesticide testing on cannabis in Oregon. For example, testing of extracts that are currently failing at a 26% failure rate for unsafe levels of contaminants will be reduced to one random batch test per year if these proposed rules are passed. If these proposed rules go into effect, it will immediately result in an increase in the probability of endangering Oregonian health and safety. The potential harms of the new testing rules include:

  • Pesticide laden cannabis on shelves
  • Decrease in market value of Oregon cannabis
  • Recalls/Bad Press for industry
  • Sick individuals (long-term health effects from pesticides, not cannabis)
  • Encourage black market use because consumers will feel that there is equal chance of black market (cheaper option) and retail cannabis being tested
  • Risk chance of losing entire industry due to violation of Cole Memo

Members of Oregonians for Public Health and Safety will be delivering testimony against the dangerous proposed rules. They will continue their appeals to Governor Kate Brown and Oregon Legislators to stop the proposed rules. The organization is also backing a bill in the legislature that would call for a return to 100% quality control testing, HB 3448. Members of the public are encouraged to participate to ensure that the dangerous new rules are defeated. Those interested in joining to testify at the hearing should contact Caleb Hayes, Director of OPHS on his cell at 360-485-9344 or via email at

About OPHS: Oregonians for Public Health and Safety (OPHS) was founded by three leaders in the Oregon Cannabis industry who noticed a void in the conversation surrounding public health and safety. The founders, three cannabis testing labs, developed the PAC as a means to ensure the voice of health and safety is always heard in important discussions about cannabis in both industry and governmental settings.

The PAC’s mission is to protect public health of Oregonians by ensuring the safety of cannabis and cannabis products, with emphasis on policies that support rigorous analytical testing, validated science, and research that promotes public health. Today, supporters of the PAC include a wide variety of members of the cannabis industry.

The PAC’s ultimate goal is to see a safe, clean and successful cannabis industry that supports our communities throughout the state. Using our scientific expertise, OPHS also keeps a keen eye on environmental and food protection issues.

Keith Mansur

Keith Mansur is the founder, publisher, and editor of Oregon Cannabis Connection newspaper. The print publication has been serving Oregon since 2010. He has been a Oregon medical marijuana patient, grower, and caregiver since 2006. Find him on Facebook or email him at

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