Cannabis Science Conference Comes Back to Portland – Not Your Typical Conference (with audio)

By Keith Mansur
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Josh Crossney of Baltimore, Maryland, saw a need in the cannabis industry and he filled it. The President and Founder of Cannabis Science Conference worked staffing and recruiting for the analytical science industry. With his contacts and knowledge of the industry, he has provided a perfect platform to bridge the gap between analytical science and cannabis. Luckily for Oregon, he brought it back to Portland coming this August 28th through 30th.

“I saw a need for the advancement of cannabis science, specifically the testing and need for standardization in testing,” Crossney explained to Oregon Cannabis Connection. “We formed a non-profit organization called J-Canna which is devoted to the advancement of cannabis science.”

Cannabis Science Conference, Portland, 2016
2016 crowd at the Red Lion in Portland. They had to expand to the Portland Convention Center this year to accommodate the crowds. Image: CSC.

This is the second year of the conference and they expect a crowd double the size of last years event, which was held at the Red Lion Conference Center in North Portland. They had 85 exhibitors and 800 attendees for that event, but the space was cramped. Their solution was to expand to the Portland Convention Center for this years event to handle the crowd and increased attendance and program.

“This year we are expanding and offering two analytical tracks,” explained Crossney. “One that focuses on analytical science topics like extraction and testing and parallel to that we will have our medical cannabis track that will be about medical cannabis topics so you will hear from medical cannabis doctors and medical cannabis nurses.”

The analytical science track will have a heavy focus on extraction and testing sciences, and they will have programs covering those topics. They will be welcomed topics with the changing landscape of testing rules and regulations from state to state.

Keynote speakers for the Analytical Science track include Dr. David (Dedi) Meiri, PhD, an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Biology at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology and a member of the Technion Integrated Cancer Center (TICC), and Dr. Jack Henion PhD, who is an expert in Mass Spectrometry (MS) and the co-founder and chief scientific officer for Advion, a instrument manufacturer for the analytical testing industry.

Cannabis Science Conference,JCanna,Josh Crossney,David Meiri,Sue Sisley, Uma Dhanabalan,CSC
Cannabis Science Conference seminar in 2016. Image:CSC

The medical science track will feature speakers that have an expertise in medical cannabis including subjects like routes of administration, dosages, recent studies and more. The keynote speakers for this track are Dr. Uma Dhanabalan MD of Uplifting Health and Wellness in Natick, Massachusetts and Dr. Sue Sisley MD Who is a primary care physician in Scottsdale, Arizona that is also leading the current PTSD study funded by M.A.P.S. (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies).

The event is sponsored by the biggest names in the analytical science industry including Shimadzu and Agilent technologies, two of the largest players in testing equipment manufacturing. Crossneys industry contacts enabled him to reach out to these giants in the industry for their participation and sponsorship.

In addition to the events of the main conference on August 29th and 30th, they will have pre-conference events planned for Friday, August 28th. Two separate workshops will be available those days with one focused on analytical science and one focused on medical cannabis. Fewer people will be attending those event and much more interaction will be available for attendees. Companies will be on hand doing demonstrations of their equipment and medical professionals available to answer questions about their presentations.

They plan two mixers on Saturday (from 6pm to 8pm) and Sunday (from 4pm to 6pm) following the conference sessions. Both are included in the entrance price and should provide even more opportunity to mingle with and meet even more industry professionals.

The cost will be only $199 for the main conference on the weekend, and only $40 if you want to just attend the exhibit hall but none of the seminars or mixers. Visit them online at for more information. The cost for pre-conference Fridays workshops is only $299 for those events. To save 25% on admission Use promo code JCANNA25 on their website when registering.

Listen to Josh Crossney’s interview with me on Goddab Radio below!



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