Cannabis Strains That Suits Your Needs

Medical cannabis is currently known to be legal in the U.S. in 33 states, as for recreational marijuana, it is legal in eleven. However, aside from its legal status, what most users struggle with is finding a strain that works for them. Smoking or ingesting a strain that doesn’t resonate with your needs may cause anxiety or digestive problems. You may have tried cannabis once, and decided against it after it has made you sick or anxious. There are many different strains to choose from, whether for medical or recreational reasons, and the chances are there’s likely one that suits your needs. If cannabis is legal in your state or region, here’s our simplified guide on how to find the right strain for your needs. 


Recent studies show that indicas have higher CBD content than sativa, which make them less potent when it comes to their euphoric effects. For recreational use, many people prefer to smoke a blend of both indica and sativa. As for health benefits, smoking or ingesting indica strains can help individuals sleep better, as cannabis flowers in general helps fight insomnia. 

If you live in a state where marijuana use is legal, such as Washington DC, you may want to consider purchasing this strain online, as it’s less commonly sold than its sativa counterpart. Finding a weed delivery DC locals can rely on making it easier than trying to find your strain in a local store. If you’re new to the use of cannabis, buy a small amount to test the waters first. If the strain doesn’t work for you, try another. 


Cannabis sativa is the opposite of indica in terms of growth. The herbs are taller and thinner, and they typically have narrow leaves. You’ll also notice that it’s a duller or a lighter shade of greener than its indica counterpart. These strains have the highest content of THC, which makes them popular for recreational use. However, because they’re quite potent, they’re not recommended for everyone. Sativa can be used to increase creativity and concentration, and can also help treat chronic joint pain. 


Hybrid strains provide the benefits and effects of both sativa and indica, while some strains may also include ruderalis for its high content in CBD. These strains are known to be quite uplifting and relaxing, and are also great to treat anxiety, pain, insomnia, depression, and fatigue. When it comes to recreational use, you may notice being in a more elevated and more social mood, while other people report feeling more focused and creative if they ingest or smoke a small amount. 


This strain is less commonly sold, primarily because it’s traditionally used in some regions such as Russia as a natural alternative to antidepressants. You’ll find this strain in medical cannabis shops, and they’re known for being high in CBD, and low in THC, the compound that causes euphoria. This strain is rarely used recreationally, and is currently widely used for medical purposes. Otherwise, it may be employed in a hybrid mixture, when mixed with sativa or indica strains to create a less potent herbal blend. 

Ingesting or smoking the right cannabis strain for your needs can be a natural way to cure ailments. Some strains of marijuana can help you cope with anxiety and depression, while others can ease chronic pain and help cure the cause. Remember to check with your physician on how you’d like to take cannabis supplements if needed.

William Stash Jones

William "Stash" Jones is a medical marijuana patient and medical cannabis advocate. He focuses on medical cannabis and its benefits, and believes that medical cannabis is the solution to many problems in medicine today.

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