Cartel Grow Recently Raided a Few Miles From Slain Ohio Family

By Keith Mansur

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The eight murdered family members in Ohio have been linked to cultivating cannabis in the still Prohibitionist state. Further investigation has revealed that another large nearby grow was raided a few years ago, but no suspects were ever arrested. With the “professional” style killing, some are wondering if there might be a link between the previous raids and the current murders.

In August of 2012 over 1,200 marijuana plants were destroyed in law enforcement raids on what was called a “Mexican drug cartel” grow operation by authorities at the time. The enforcement action involved more than a dozen police agencies, including the Pike County Sheriff, on three different locations in Waverly, Ohio. The town is in Pike County, which is only 20 to 30 miles from where the eight Rhoden family members were slain in their beds on April 22nd.

WBNS 10TV in Columbus reported:

According to agents, no workers were found on the site, but investigators did find two encampments which appeared to have been abandoned quickly.

They go through a lot of effort, no question, and they have outside help, so we know there’s people bringing supplies to them, people dropping workers off and picking them up,” BCI agent Scott Duff said. “History has shown us this is a very organized event.”


The plants were worth over one million dollars, according to law enforcement. The encampments were typical cartel style set-ups, with stoves, tents, food, and fertilizer for the plants.

Agents burned all the plants once the evidence was recorded. No arrests were ever made and likely never will be made relating to the 2012 grow.

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