Casting a Wide Net for the Sake of Diversity

Breeding Cannabis

From Green Source Garden

What the world needs now is diversity—on all levels and in every way. From ecosystems to genetic diversity in all species—micro to macro. Our culture as humans will become stronger as we embrace the idea of diversity and move in a direction that appreciates the full spectrum of genetic potential.

At Green Source Gardens (GSG) we constantly praise and support the growth of diversity. From the habitat at our farm to the animals in our barn, it is no wonder why GSG continues to push breeding cannabis for diversity rather than stability. We believe that all life on earth is evolving and that if we can accept the concept of increasing diversity in order to strengthen the resiliency of the Earth, we will create more potential for what may become in the future. We are a young cannabis company with a mission to exemplify the benefits of working symbiotically with nature as a means to ensure the best, most complicated, and diverse potential that cannabis has to offer. We cast a wide net when it comes to breeding. We believe that capturing genetic potential through hybridization is the way to increase the future potential of genetic expression. Our cannabis reflects this in our multi-phenotype batches. We breed new seeds every year and, where most breeding programs seek to stabilize and reproduce a predictable outcome, we focus more on enriching our genetic potential. This can lead to increased phenotypes and less stability and it also opens the door to new potential. Poly-hybridization is like gathering potential as a means to capture the fleeting varieties of the past and hold onto their ability to be stabilized, once again, in the future.

We are committed to growing and evolving with each season. We do not clone; every season we start new seeds and each plant in our garden only exists for that one season. No artificial lights are used in our process. Our goal is to let go of environmental control and work with the climate, as opposed to altering or manipulating it in any way. Trusting in the natural cycles of reproduction and fertility and pursuing a deep connection with nature’s information is the path to the most effective and efficient farming and breeding practices. The lure of integrating technology and cultivation may intrigue many, but for us honoring the natural cycles and ancient methods is the pathway toward a future we believe will be most beneficial for the Earth as a whole.

By staying committed to the old ways and depending on seeds and evolution, we end up with cannabis that is evolved and evolving with the environment and becoming the most suitable cannabis plant for this day and age. We encourage all consumers to stay open to the idea of diversity in genetics. Try something new and find a producer you believe in and can stand behind. After all, it is the consumer who steers the market, so as a consumer your choice will define what growing practices will prevail. We hope, for the sake of our planet, that regenerative farming practices are driven by consumer demand. Remember to research the products and flowers you choose to buy; we cannot afford to continue mindlessly consume products that are not looking out for our environment.

Nick and Elizabeth Mahmood

Nick and Elizabeth Mahmood are the founders of Green Source Gardens, Oregon's preeminent no-till organic cannabis farm. They bring a vast amount of knowledge to the cannabis growing industry.

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