Choosing The Right Dab Rig- Everything That Matters

If you are gearing up for your first stint with cannabis concentrates, a dab rig will be on top of your shopping list. But you need to understand that it is a complex piece of equipment, which can overwhelm even the most seasoned smokers. Moreover, the sheer variety available out there can make the choice challenging. You will find a large range of dab rigs, from manual dab straws to electric ones. When it comes to choosing one for your first experience, it is easier said than done. However, you can consider some factors to help you pick the right one. Here is a checklist of factors that can simplify your shopping journey to a significant extent.

Size of the equipment

The most obvious thing when you buy dabbing equipment is its size. If you are just starting, it makes sense to look for something compact yet functional. A bulky piece may not be ideal because dabbing is more about experiencing the effects of weed quickly and with a greater intensity, which best happens with smaller rigs. You can explore the Mind Vapes range to find a size that is ideal for you. Look for a handy piece initially, and you may move to something bigger later as you learn the ropes.


As a first-timer with concentrates, you may not be sure whether you would adopt this method for the long haul. Even if you do, you may want to alternate between flower and concentrates from time to time. Buying a versatile dab rig that works for both options is a smart idea. Even as you spend on the piece, you end up with an excellent investment that you can use with different products.


Another factor that you cannot overlook while picking a dab rig for the first time is its cost. You would not want to spend a fortune as a beginner, which makes sense because you may only try dabbing and get back to your original favorite. Still, it is important to invest in quality rather than pick a cheap piece just to save some dollars. The best way to start is by having a budget in mind, and you can explore a wide range online to get something that fits.

Ease of use

The convenience factor is perhaps the most critical aspect of the choice. Dab rigs come in two categories, manual and electric. Since you have to use a butane torch or another heat source to heat with a conventional manual dab rig, it may get a bit too complicated to start with. Conversely, electric dab rigs are a better option for newbies because of their simplicity. They use a heating element to vaporize the concentrate and get you the best results you expect.

When you set out to pick your first dab rig, this list of metrics will render the choice much easier than you think. If you are still unsure, consider asking for recommendations from a seasoned dabber. Buy only from a trusted seller and read online reviews to make sure that you get value for money.


Habit 420 is a Oregon Medical Marijuana Program participant for over ten years, a grower, and an activist. He believes cannabis has a unique place in our society and should be embraced for medical and adult use. To correspond with him, email him at

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