Cliff Robinson Will Launch Uncle Cliffy Cannabis At Oregon’s Finest June 7th

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I have loved basketball almost my entire life. As long as I can remember, I have not only been a hoops fan, but specifically a Portland Trail Blazers fan. In my late grade school years the Trail Blazers made it to the NBA Finals two times. Those were two of the most exciting years to ever happen to the State of Oregon, and the most exciting player to watch on that team was Clifford Robinson. Cliff wasn’t the youngest, coolest player on the team, and his infamous ‘Dairy Queen cups’ are still in cupboards all across Oregon and beyond. To say that Cliff had a cult following is an understatement, proven by how popular he is in Portland still to this day.

When number 3 walked over to the scorer’s table, and put on his headband, everyone in the Portland Memorial Coliseum and those who were watching at home went nuts. Everyone knew that the game was about to ramp up several notches because Uncle Cliffy was about to put in work on the opposing team. Below is a great example of what I am talking about, which is footage from Cliff going up against Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls in 1995. I GUARANTEE Toni Kukoc still has nightmares about this game:

There are a number of other highlight videos of his on YouTube, including the time he dropped 40 on Karl Malone’s Utah Jazz. The list goes on and on. Cliff was my hero growing up (and many other people’s hero) for what he did on the court. But he has continued to be my hero because of what he has done to help the cannabis reform movement. Cliff has been negatively effected by cannabis prohibition more than any other professional athlete that had as long of a professional career as he did (18 seasons).

Cliff’s three NBA suspensions for cannabis are well documented, but Cliff has also been the victim of prohibition enforcement off the court as well. Cliff’s career almost never even got off the ground because of a cannabis arrest prior to him enrolling at the University of Connecticut. Fortunately he persevered, but that was not his only run in with law enforcement over cannabis. The story of Cliff being SWAT raided on the Portland waterfront because of paintball guns and a roach is one that has not really been told, but is easily one of the most horrible examples of cannabis racial profiling that I have ever come across in all of my years of activism. It’s a story that I hope will be told more often as time goes by.

Cliff Robinson is debuting his line of cannabis products tomorrow at a dispensary in Portland, just blocks away from the Moda Center. The product launch has been a long time coming, but is going to be worth the wait. I have personally tried the pre-rolls, and I can assure you that they are the best pre-rolls in Oregon, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a fan – it’s the truth! Uncle Cliffy put out a press release on with more details, which I have copied and pasted below. A Facebook event page has also been created so that people can RSVP and share with others:

Clifford Robinson was drafted by the Portland Trail Blazers in 1989 and went on to play for the Blazers for 8 seasons, helping lead the team to two NBA Finals appearances (1990 and 1992). During his time with the Trail Blazers, Cliff was named the NBA Sixth Man of the Year (1993), and selected to the NBA All-Star team (1994). Cliff would go on to play for four other NBA teams during a career that spanned 18 years, but he has always loved the State of Oregon and is a proud resident of Portland.

Having experienced the stigma and persecution that comes with cannabis prohibition firsthand, both on the court and off the court, Cliff Robinson is on a mission to free the plant. That is why he submitted written testimony in support of cannabis reform legislation in Oregon, and has also publicly endorsed a cannabis legalization proposal in Connecticut. Cliff plans on working with other reform efforts across the country and leading the effort to end cannabis prohibition in professional sports leagues. Cannabis prohibition does not work, and it’s time for society and sports leagues to take a more sensible approach.

Cliff Robinson is launching his line of Uncle Cliffy cannabis products on Thursday June 8th at Oregon’s Finest, located at 736 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97232. An appearance by Cliff Robinson is planned for 4:20 p.m. at the dispensary, which will be debuting two Uncle Cliffy pre-rolls – GG4 for relaxation (indica) and J1 for performance (sativa). Uncle Cliffy pre-rolls are filled with only the best craft cannabis, produced by Pistil Point Farms, which is located in Portland, Oregon.

People that come down to the dispensary will be able to enter to win one of two basketballs autographed by Uncle Cliffy himself. In addition to Thursday’s launch at Oregon’s Finest location on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Uncle Cliffy pre-rolls will also be available at Oregon’s Finest’s other Portland location (1327 NW Kearney St). Both stores will have autographed basketballs with contest entry information on-site. Uncle Cliffy pre-rolls will also be available at Medication Station on the Oregon Coast and Talent Health Club in Talent, Oregon starting this weekend.

Cliff Robinson is going to lead by example and fight to end the stigma and take the handcuffs off the plant. The Uncle Cliffy sports cannabis company believes that all members of the cannabis space have a duty to represent the industry responsibly, and plans to be a good steward of the plant.

What: Cliff Robinson To Appear at Oregon’s Finest cannabis dispensary

When: 4:20 p.m.

Where: 736 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97232

About Uncle Cliffy:

The Uncle Cliffy sports cannabis company was created to end the stigma surrounding cannabis and sports, and to be a voice for athletes that choose to consume cannabis. Uncle Cliffy also fights cannabis prohibition in society because prohibition has failed and has had a disproportionate impact on minority communities.

About Pistil Point Farms:

Pistil Point Cannabis operates one of the largest cannabis production brands in the world with indoor and outdoor production farms throughout Oregon and California. The company also serves as an active consultancy for cannabis projects in Michigan, Massachusetts, Ohio, and New York.

About Oregon’s Finest:

Oregon’s Finest is a local grower-owned and operated recreational cannabis dispensary located in the heart of Portland, Oregon. The company was born in 2012 when noteworthy medical growers came together to feature the finest cannabis Oregon has to offer. Oregon’s Finest prides itself on delivering award-winning, small-batch, craft cannabis directly from farm-to-flame.

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