Concentrates vs. Distillates: What are they and How to Consume them?

Choosing from several options while buying weed online might be confusing. People find it difficult to choose from the different types of weeds and sub-types. Some people also get confused with which one to pick between concentrates and distillates. Here is all you need to know about concentrate and distillate to make a decision.

What is Concentrate?

Concentrate or Cannabis Concentrate is a cannabis extract with desired elements extracted from the Cannabis Plant, also known as cannabinoids and terpenes. Concentrates have high potency, with up to 85% THC, unlike the cannabis flower that generally has 10-25% THC. Concentrates are also a standard product people get when they buy weed online.

Cannabis plants are usually extracted to a concentrated, robust compound that is edible or can be easily smoked and vaporized. Concentrates are generally made by using solvents. The cannabis plants are dissolved into solvent liquids like propane, butane, ethanol, or CO2. But in the end, the solvent liquids are removed from the extract.

Types of Concentrate

  • Shatter
  • Crumble
  • Distillate
  • Sauce
  • Rosin
  • Moonrocks

How to Consume Concentrate

  • The easiest way to consume cannabis concentrate is by smoking them. Sprinkle the concentrate in your bowl or joint and smoke it.
  • Another popular way to consume cannabis extract is by dabbing, generally for Wax, shatters, budder, taffy, live resin, and rosin. Dabbing can be overwhelming for some people, so be aware.
  • You can also consume the concentrate by vaping it with a quality vaporizer. Vaping might be perfect for people who like to keep it discreet. You can purchase a vape easily from any offline or online dispensary.
  • You can consume cannabis tincture by putting a few drops of tincture under the tongue and letting it absorb or also by adding a few drops into your food or drink.
  • The next way could be with edibles and THC capsules; you can buy or make your edibles by adding cannabis concentrate to them.

What is Distillate?

The distillate is a cannabis extract that has been refined after the extraction process to isolate specific compounds, THC and CBD.

The extracted oil is boiled at variant temperature to vaporize it, and then the vapor is recondensed back into the liquid form as the specified compounds. Distillates generally contain cannabinoids up to 95% with barely any terpene. The liquid compound is usually transparent or amber and has no taste or odor. They are consumed in various ways, including oils, edibles, tinctures, vaporizers, pills, and many more. They are generally used in edibles due to the lack of flavor and odor. Distillates are made from concentrate with more than 85% potency, which is then elevated up to 99%. Due to the high potency and no smell, distillates are a go-to pick for individuals to buy weed online. Because of the no odor, it is easy to consume THC without having the people around you know about it.

How to Consume Distillate

  • Like Concentrates, Cannabis Distillates can also be vaped. But due to high potency, the THC distillate oil might get a little overwhelming.
  • Another way is to smoke the THC distillate by adding a few drops into the rolling paper and then adding cannabis to smoke it. It will make the usual cannabis joint more potent.
  • Distillates can also be smoked by dabbing, which is one of the popular ways to consume them.
  • Like Cannabis concentrates, distillates can be eaten and added into edibles. Edibles have fewer adverse health effects as compared to smoking or vaping and are also available in almost all weed dispensaries.

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