Congressman Says North Korea Nukes Might Be Smuggled Into US In ‘Bales’ of Marijuana

By Habit 420
Oregon Cannabis Connection


Are you kidding me? How do these ridiculous people get into congress?


What person that has been awake, living in California, and read a single newspaper in the past 5 years does not know that North Korea is not a source of marijuana? What kind of constituents would elect such a ignorant person? Well, it’s the fools of the San Fernando Valley, and they elected Brad Sherman, a reefer madness and North Korea fear monger, to Congress.

Ad, just how stupid an idea was this?

Its beyond stupid and smacks of the ultimate fear mongering from this little scared republican from Southern California. He was able to wrap the nuclear arsenal of North Korea and their crazy leader up with the burgeoning cannabis industry to create a kind of canna-bigotry that rarely shows its ignorant, scared, and ugly face anymore in Congress. I can only imagine the looks on the faces of other, reasonable, leaders that were present.

What is disconcerting is that this representative from the Sherman Oaks region of the Golden State has very reasonable, almost liberal, views on many other subjects. He has gone after Trump repeatedly for a number of issues. He even believes in climate change, unlike many ignorant conservative republicans. But, having reasonable stances on reasonable issues does not excuse this buffoonish comment he made on Twitter.

I am not alone. A couple of his twitter followers called him out on the ridiculous comments, including Nuke Laloosh:

And this perfect response from SnakeHandlingAtheist (a twitter handle I find amusing):

I sure hope this dolt backtracks on his comments and apologizes for them, or comes out and explains they were a joke. Was he being sarcastic? If so, I apologize for the attack, sort of, but that’s a dumb way to be sarcastic.

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4 thoughts on “Congressman Says North Korea Nukes Might Be Smuggled Into US In ‘Bales’ of Marijuana

  • 04/27/2017 at 3:04 pm

    Umm how can you miss such an obvious allusion? A bale of marijuana obviously gets smuggled in very frequently through our southern border. This isn’t about the origin of the marijuana, but the ability to smuggle in large items.

  • 05/05/2017 at 12:59 pm

    Representative Sherman, please tell me what you smoke! I want some of that!

  • 05/05/2017 at 2:04 pm

    Umm…you are using the word “allusion” incorrectly.

  • 05/08/2017 at 3:46 pm

    I guess the best way to prevent nukes being smuggled into the country with marijuana is to make marijuana be legally grown and sold here in America cheaper than it is to smuggle it in and sell on the black market.

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