Contact OHA And Tell Them We Want Safe Cannabis in Oregon

By Habit 420
Oregon Cannabis Connection


March 30, 2017— Oregonians for Public Health and Safety, Oregon Cannabis Connection newspaper and most reputable growers and processors across Oregon are all asking that citizens contact the state regulators to tell them the new pesticide testing rules are dangerous and risky for consumers. They are considering rules that reduce screening on concentrates be reduced to a single annual test instead of testing all products headed for the shelves of our recreational cannabis market and reducing the flower tests to only 20% of batches!

Let them know by email at

Here is the problem with reducing pesticide screening:

Oregon Health Authority (OHA) found AT LEAST 26% of all concentrates contaminated with numerous pesticides. 10% of flower products are also contaminated!

What about his does not make sense? Why would they are rolling back standards on bad product just to appease the processors that are bad actors? Why would they ignore a 25% failure rate for pesticides? Who wants this rule change made? Who stands to profit from allowing contaminated concentrates on the market? What will this do for Oregon’s reputation for high quality cannabis?

Did you know that the action levels for pesticides on cannabis are higher than on all other food products, and the flower failure rate is still 10%!

Did you know that the cost for testing 4,000 gram concentrate batches with a Control Study approved, the testing cost is only .20 cents per gram!

Did you know there is currently no significant backup at almost any labs in the state!

Did you know that some labs are finding 50% or MORE of the concentrate batches contaminated with pesticides, and over 30% of flower!

Did you know many processors did extractions without testing the flower used and are now stuck with hundreds of thousands of dollars in tainted product they cant sell!

Make sure you tell the OHA that you don’t want this tainted cannabis in the Oregon market. They are taking comments until April 30th by email at You can also contact Governor Kate Brown at 503-375-4582 and Representative Ann Lininger at 503-986-1438 or email her at

Lets keep Oregon’s cannabis pesticide FREE! Tell them to leave the pesticide testing rules alone!

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Habit 420 is a Oregon Medical Marijuana Program participant for over ten years, a grower, and an activist. He believes cannabis has a unique place in our society and should be embraced for medical and adult use. To correspond with him, email him at

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