Top 10 Dating Sites For Cannabis Lovers

People who say that dating is the easiest thing in the world might not have been involved in dating recently. Meeting single women or men has a big number of different pitfalls, and it is a real challenge if you are a cannabis lover. Just imagine that you met a girl several days ago in a café and asked her out on a date. Since you are a lucky man, she agreed. And, on your first date everything is going just perfect. You have found common ground and feel the chemistry between you. You understand that you have so many things in common, for example, you like the same movie genre, you listen to the same bands and you both like dogs. However, you mention that you are used to smoking a joint or two in the evening, especially if you have a hard day.

Suddenly, things get awkward because many people have been convinced for many years that marijuana is pure evil. As a result, much of society is convinced that cannabis is a harmful drug, leading to severe dependence and inevitable death–if not physically, then at least socially. But none of those who demonize cannabis really know what it is or what it does. So, awkward silence is guaranteed. But, don’t despair because there are special dating sites just for people with such preferences.

While Tinder may be a good resource to ask a person out on a date, it’s can be a real challenge to meet charming strangers who share your interest in cannabis. Fortunately, there are several dating sites that don’t mind a 420-friendly lifestyle. Here are top 10 great dating sites for single strangers looking for happy relationships.

1. High There!
It’s the most famous and popular dating site for such an occasion. People there know what they are looking for and completely share your thoughts. Here is quite a big community, so you have great chances to meet someone special.

2. 420 Singles
Pay attention that its website and app are separated for some reasons. If you are going to use a desktop version of the site, then you can use it for free.

This is an interesting dating site with a huge user base. Here you will be able to meet charming women who don’t mind sharing your pastime even if they don’t encourage this activity.

4. My 420 Mate
If you consume cannabis for purely medical reasons, then you will surely like this site. Thanks to the fact that about 60 first credits allow you to use this site for free, you will have time to understand whether it suits you or it’s better to search for something else.

5. Date 420 Friendly
If you deeply adhere to this lifestyle, then this site is worth visiting. Unlike other sites, it’s not free, but it can provide you with many upcoming events, games and even list of vacancies.

6. OkCupid
Of course, this site is almost for everyone, but it provides you with the opportunity to search for a partner, using special words like “420,” so you have good chances to find the right person there.

7. Highly Devoted
If you are a cannabis consumer, then go to this site. This site provides a tailored approach and helps meet your requirements. But it’s not free.

8. Plenty of Fish
Here you will find a big number of cannabis-friendly members. This site is most suitable for ordinary daters. The good news is that it’s free if you don’t need any privileges, so don’t waste your time and go there.

9. Hinge
If you are searching for a serious relationship, then it’s high time to use a great offer of this dating site. A free pilot period will help you sort things out.

10. Social High
It’s more suitable for friendly relationships than for romantic ones, but who’s said that friendship cannot grow into anything bigger?

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