Denver To Allow Public Marijuana Use

By Habit 420

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January 18, 2017 – Denver starts work today on regulations concerning public consumption of cannabis in cannabis clubs, coffee Shops, art galleries, and even Yoga studios.

In November, voters in Colorado’s largest city and capital approved a referendum to allow “social use” of cannabis. The measure did not have many specific directions other than the cannabis cannot be smoked inside and consumers must be over 21. Instead the drafting of those regulations starts with a workgroup made up of Denver business owners, marijuana opponents, and the cities marijuana regulators.

“There are plenty of places in Denver where you can find neighbors who want this kind of establishment,” Emmett Reistroffer told AP. He will be attending the workgroup and also held a recent public meeting on the subject and had a few dozen attendees interested in learning more.

One of the workgroup attendees from the opposition told AP she has concerns about intoxication of customers and their travel home after consumption.

“If you are neither serving nor counting the potency of the product, nor counting how much they consume, how are you protecting the public when they leave your property?” Rachel O’Bryan asked.

The businesses that also allow consumption are not allowed to sell any cannabis products, so customers will have to bring their own. And,since smoking is not allowed, it would need to be in the form of edibles.

There is a bill already introduced in the legislature to allow “clubs” on a statewide basis. That has bipartisan support.

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