Deschutes County Proposes Canopy Limits of 2,500 Square Feet on 10 Acre EFU

Commissioners considering regulations to limit commercial marijuana grows to 2,500 square feet on EFU under 10 acres, and other onerous restrictions

By OCC Staff


Deschutes County Commissioners, a week after deciding to lift the ban they placed on the county’s marijuana business licenses, are mulling over their new restrictions for gardens and production facilities in the county.

Stopping short of First Readings, due mainly to major changes that need to be made to their bevy of ordinances, the commissioners opted for the First Readings next week, at their 12:00 pm meeting.

They will be adopting very similar ordinances to regulate medical grows, as well. They will be developing those separate ordinances in the next weeks.

Video of the Commissioners meeting:

Intended for their recreational marijuana ordinances are these restrictions and requirements:

Screening and Fencing requirements for all marijuana production must comply to county “Landscape Management standards”, preserve existing vegetation (if outdoors), and require “natural” looking fencing materials, to include razor wire which is concealed of “natural color”.

Odor control systems for “all buildings, including but not limited to, greenhouses, hoop houses, and similar non-rigid structures” as well as not disturbing neighbors within a quarter mile. The system must include specified size fans, unless “an alternative method or technology to achieve equal or greater odor mitigation than [fans]” is used.

They also prohibit, on EFU lands, are any new dwellings, a farm stand, certain commercial activities, or Agri-Tourism (or any commercial events or activities related to a marijuana crop.) They added “mass gatherings” and “events” to the language, as well as “bed and breakfast” or “room and board” arrangements.

And, craziest of all, their suggested restrictions on canopy limits go beyond that of the state for EFU (Exclusive Farm Use) land. EFU Parcels up to 10 acres would be limited to a canopy size of only 2,500 square feet, sixteen times smaller than the states allowable 40,000 square feet outdoor and even a full four times less than is allowed indoor. State law makes no restrictions on the size of the EFU parcel, only that commercial production occur on Farm, Industrial, or Commercially zoned land. In fact, you cannot grow the State allowed tier two level of plants until your property exceeds 60 acres.

They plan on having the first reading during a “very brief” June 1st meeting. We would suggest a STRONG turnout of interested growers and processors.

The ordinances are available online here… (Revised versions)


10 acres represented by 9 football fields. The area that would be allowed to be in production is represented in red (1/17th acre or 2,500 Square Feet)

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