Deschutes County Finalizes Restrictive Rules

Deschutes County Finalizes Restrictive Rules
Yet they still leave the ban on business licensing, for now

By OCC Staff


Deschutes county commissioners made the rules we reported on in OCC a few weeks ago permanent yesterday, adopting them during their Wednesday meeting on June 15th. The regulations, which create limits on canopy size much more restrictive than the state allows, go into effect on July 1st, or just 2 weeks. This rapid response was accomplished by declaring a “state of emergency” in the ordinance, which allows quicker implementation than the usually required 90 day waiting period.

Dave Doyle, the county’s legal counsel said that if any rules are challenged they will still be in effect until a final ruling is made on any potential appeal.

“Those will be the laws that apply here in Deschutes County until the court tells us differently,” Doyle said in the meeting.

The Bend Bulletin reported:

“A ban on both medical and recreational businesses, however, remains in effect. It prohibits companies from applying for state licensing.

Commission Chairman Alan Unger said Wednesday county leaders want to wait until after July 1, when the rules go into effect, before considering whether to lift the ban.

The rules establish standards for the marijuana businesses that wish to operate in unincorporated parts of the county. The businesses include processors, wholesalers, growers and retail shops.

However, the regulations can now be appealed by any county resident who may disagree with them or consider the rules to be too restrictive. A potential appeal probably would go before the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals.”

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