Deschutes County Leaders Move Forward Restrictive Ordinances For Marijuana Businesses

By OCC Staff

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Deschutes County Commissioners met at 12:00 noon today and quickly did the first reading on half a dozen ordinances regulating marijuana business activities in the county. The regulations impose restrictions on marijuana business operations from medical to recreational. Restrictions range from limiting EFU lots under 10 acres to just 2,500 square feet of production space to essentially banning all “home-based” marijuana businesses.


Included in the restrictions:

Prohibited as any home based occupation – Marijuana processor, retailer, wholesaler, or producer.


EFU marijuana processing limits:

Parcels from 5 to 10 acres – 2,500 Sq Ft

Parcels from 10 to 20 acres – 5,000 – 10,000 Sq Ft

Parcels from 20 – 40 Acres – up to 10,000 Sq Ft

Parcels from 40 – 60 Acres – up to 20,000 Sq Ft (*tier one outdoor per State law)

Parcels over 60 Acres – up to 40,000 Sq Ft

10 acres represented by 9 football fields. The area that would be allowed to be in production is represented in red (1/17th acre or 2,500 Square Feet)

Minimum setback from lot lines: 100 Ft

Setback from off-site dwelling: 300 Ft


Separation distances from:

Schools (public or private schools and licensed daycare facilities (not residential in-home daycare facilities), Youth activity centers and parks – 1,000 Ft

Other medical or recreational retail shops – 1,000 Ft


Retail Operation Hours:

Not open before 9:00am or close after 7:00pm


Not allowed on EFU land or Rural Industrial Zones:

Commercial activities, events, or agri-tourism in conjunction with a marijuana crop.

On the same property with marijuana production any Guest lodging, resorts, public parks or private parks, events or mass gatherings, room and board arrangements are all prohibited.


Other regulations regarding water rights, odor and noise controls, lighting control and use, and much more.


Part one is here.

Part two is here.

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