DOJ Creates Task Force That Will Evaluate Marijuana Enforcement

By Habit 420
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U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memo on Wednesday, April 5th, that the new Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety will be addressing a number of issues, which include marijuana enforcement and asset forfeiture practices. Formed on February 27th, the Task Force will be comprised of a number of subcommittees that will address specific areas of concern. The memo states:

“Task Force subcommittees will also undertake a review of existing policies in the areas of charging, sentencing, and marijuana to ensure consistency with the Department’s overall strategy on reducing violent crime, and with the Administrations goals and priorities. Another subcommittee will explore our use of asset forfeiture and make recommendations on any improvements needed to legal authorities, policies, and training to most effectively attack the financial infrastructure of criminal organizations.”

They intend to have a National Summit on Crime Reduction and Public Safety within the next 120 days. They notably request local law enforcement, local organizations and the communities for their input on the violent crime issues. Sessions states in the memo, “I have pledged to listen to the stories and concerns of those who are most affected by this rise in violent crime in communities across the country.”

So what is the problem with this approach?

First of all, violent crime is down in the United States, and has been declining since 1992. The increase in violent crime he refers to is a complete myth. Sessions is simply trying to scare Americans into believing there is a rampant violent crime increase in our nation so they will allow him to do whatever he wishes.

The most telling comments in the memo were concerning “access to complete, accurate and timely crime data.” The Drug Enforcement Administration has already requested information from Colorado on their investigations into marijuana-related cases. This is a troubling development for legal adult-use states that are trying to implement effective marijuana regulations and systems under their own state laws.

The memo comes only two days after the “First Four” marijuana states delivered a letter to Sessions and the DOJ to be respectful of the local laws surrounding marijuana legalization.



“We ask the Trump Administration to engage with us before embarking on any changes to regulatory and enforcement systems,” the “First Four” letter says. “Providing the necessary framework for state regulatory programs centered on public safety and health protections.”

The Trump administration is a joke and this attorney general is, as well. His Task Force is nothing more than a political ploy to make Americans think he is cracking down on crime and doing meaningful work. There is no reason for this disingenuous attempt that pretends they are doing good work, when anyone who can read or think will understand they are turning back the clock and playing political games.

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Habit 420 is a Oregon Medical Marijuana Program participant for over ten years, a grower, and an activist. He believes cannabis has a unique place in our society and should be embraced for medical and adult use. To correspond with him, email him at

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4 thoughts on “DOJ Creates Task Force That Will Evaluate Marijuana Enforcement

  • 04/06/2017 at 9:40 am

    Why not a task force to expose the fraudulent scheduling of cannabis.

  • 04/06/2017 at 10:13 am

    How to make friends and influence people. Regardless of political view or affiliation. When one seeks change in the law, the manner in which it is enforced, or policy changes and so forth. One might consider NOT using their platform to be publicly critical of the person or persons with which they would like to garner support or at least keep at arms distance. I know no better way of encouraging law enforcement to take a longer look than to openly disparage their character. Feel whatever you may, but one should be aware of what their words might produce.

  • 04/08/2017 at 8:37 am

    Sounds like they are trying to gather evidence of such a rise after making the claim, which fits with their other claims that lack evidence, like wiretapping Trump Tower.

  • 04/30/2017 at 1:24 pm

    Mr. Sessions needs to grow up and educate himself! The only violent crime here, is the government itself

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