Ecological Alignment: The Best Environmental Choice

Our goal at Green Source Gardens (GSG), a legal producer of cannabis, is to represent the most natural and ecologically responsible flower possible. We believe the only way to achieve this is to grow from seed without heat, artificial lights, or light deprivation. Only cannabis grown this way can be considered to be the way nature intended.

As regenerative farmers, we always strive to reduce ecological harm and increase the lands potential to expand in biodiversity. We have to start to produce in environmentally sensible ways that will allow others in the future to have the option to do the same. Cannabis should not become an energysucking industry that promotes and supports practices that are environmentally devastating and detrimental to the health of the planet. No longer can we move forward in ways of production that don’t include scrutiny over ecological design and integration of systems that work with the local climate. This is regenerative consciousness, and is the mentality that we need to seriously consider as we move forward in creating examples for responsible practices.

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The Wolf Creek farm of Green Source Gardens before planting in its first season. Image: Green Source Gardens

Planting from seed in the natural cycle of the climate is the most effective way to have the lowest carbon footprint possible. By committing to planting by the natural cosmic cycle, we align our business of cannabis production with the ecology of our environmenteliminating the need for energyintensive practices like lights, heat, and dehumidification. Our farms and gardens become multifunctional, environmentallysupportive biomass and carbon creators. The solution is a partnership with the environment in order to create regenerative ecological systems that ensure future security for all life on earth. We are earth tenders, servants; we are stewards. We are on a mission to work with our beautiful naturallyoccurring planet and are doing our best to move in a direction that supports and cares for the widest spectrum of life imaginable.

Let all make a stand for the most sensible future possible by supporting farms that are choosing to produce in ways that aren’t energyintensive. Outdoors, under the sun, without any tricks, secrets, or light manipulation is the most responsible option from an environmental standpoint. Exclusive Farm Use (EFU) lands across the state are being graded and developed for greenhouse pads on Class 1 farmland without any consideration for the harm that such development creates. It’s time for us all to learn to discern and research the farms we choose to support. We cannot keep advancing the industry toward degrading our best lands for the sake of growing plants in pots, in engineered soils, under lights, and in structures that are energyintensive, not insulated, and subject to infestations due to outofnaturalcycle growing practices. There is a simple solution, and it all comes back to working with the climate and the environment to minimize our negative environmental impacts, which are inescapable with practices dependent on environmental control. Working with nature is not achieved by controlling the climate.

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Nick and Elizabeth Mahmood

Nick and Elizabeth Mahmood are the founders of Green Source Gardens, Oregon's preeminent no-till organic cannabis farm. They bring a vast amount of knowledge to the cannabis growing industry.

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