Edibles Finally Available For All Adults in Oregon

Medicated food items available now in Oregon stores, but with limitations

OCC Staff

June 2, 2016

Beginning today, Oregon dispensaries can sell edibles and concentrates to adults over 21 years old. There are restrictions, such as dosage limits,  a single package, or “unit”, of edibles per day, and concentrates with no more than 1000 mg of THC, but they arer finally available to the general public.

The packaging requirements are strict and comprise one of the reasons for a delay in food items infused with marijuana. Concerns over people “over dosing” on cannabis edibles resulted in the low “per dose” limits that were imposed. Though a cannabis “over dose” is never fatal, and usually can be handled with a quiet place and a few hours rest, their fears overtook common sense.

From Oregon Health Authority:

Effective June 2, 2016, registered medical marijuana dispensaries that are participating in early start retail sales may sell expanded limited marijuana retail products. The expansion of limited marijuana retail sales include:

Sale of one low-dose unit of a cannabinoid edible to a retail customer per day. A “low-dose cannabinoid edible” means a cannabinoid edible that has no more than 15 mg of THC in a unit.

Sale of one “prefilled receptacle of cannabinoid extract” to a retail customer per day that contains no more than 1,000 milligrams of THC.

Sales of non-psychoactive medical cannabinoid topicals which contain no more than 6% of THC that does not affect the mind or mental process.

Read the entire bulletin here.

Medical dispensaries will not be able to sell limited retail marijuana products after December 31, 2016.

All limited retail marijuana products sold at medical marijuana dispensaries are subject to a 25% sales tax. Please contact the Oregon Department of Revenue, Marijuana Tax Program team for more information at 503-947-2597. Or visit their website at: www.oregon.gov/dor/marijuana

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