Five Common Mistakes of First Time Cannabis Users

There are a couple of common mistakes that first-time cannabis users often make. If you have not used cannabis before and are planning on trying it for the first time, it is worth noting.

No.1 – Too Much, Too Quickly

All cannabis is different. A common mistake of first-time users is to take several consecutive hits if they don’t immediately feel an effect. This would be a mistake. While some strains of cannabis will result in an effect after your first couple of hits, others won’t have an immediate effect, their effects instead building slowly.

For first-time users, it is important to take your time and give the product time to work instead of rushing to take another hit immediately. Taking multiple hits quickly can lead to you feeling overwhelmed and result in a negative experience.

No.2 – Thinking All Cannabis is the Same

There are two main strains of cannabis; Indica and Sativa. Each of these strains produces a different effect.

Sativa makes activities more enjoyable. It works to make you feel energized and invigorated. You will feel more creative and amenable to social interaction. It tends to make you feel more outgoing and happy.

Indica, on the other hand, is more likely to have a sedating effect. It will relax you more, producing more of a body high, where you feel relaxed all over. Some Indica strains can create an all-over muscle relaxant effect that has the user looking for somewhere to curl up and just chill.

In addition, there are hybrid strains that have been developed to highlight certain aspects of each strain. Each hybrid strain has its oven unique effect. Therefore, it is important to be at least aware of the strain you are sampling to prepare yourself for the effects.

No.3 – Not Being Aware of the Side Effects

Many first-time users are not aware of the side effects of cannabis and, as a result, panic when they experience them.

The side effects vary depending on the strain and dose you take; however, the most common side effects include changes in your judgment and reasoning, impacting decision-making. There will also likely be an impact on your motor skills, balance, reflexes, and coordination.

As the side effects affect each person differently, it is important that when you try cannabis for the first time, you do so in a safe environment around people you know who can assist if the side effects become overwhelming.

It is also important to make sure that you do not need to drive anywhere in the period immediately following consumption. Again, this is because the side effects are such that they will impact your ability to control a motor vehicle safely.

No.4 – Smoking vs. Vaping

Assuming smoking is the best way to consume cannabis is another common mistake. A vaporizer can be a great way for a first-time user to try cannabis without the strong taste or effect. Vaporizers can take the edge of the product you are smoking while giving a user greater control over the amount of cannabis they are inhaling.

Suppose you are trying cannabis for the first time with a friend. They may have a vaporizer that they are happy to share with you. They will likely explain to you how the vaporizer works and how to use it to achieve the effects that you are after. Smoking cannabis is increasingly social, so take the opportunity to draw on the experience to those that you are with when you try it for the first time.

No. 5 – Having Dab Too Hot

A dab is the collective term forcannabis concentrates and includes crumble, wax, oils, honeycomb, shatter, and so on. Dab is most commonly smoked using a dab rig, a nectar collector, or a vaporizer.

The most common mistake of first-time users when smoking dab is to heat the rig or the tips to hot. This can be due to lack of direction or because it is often difficult to know how hot the rig or tips are the first time. Personal preference, the product you are smoking, and the accessory you are using play a role. However, the end result of overheating the rig or the tips is that the concentrate tastes bad, which can be off-putting.

With this in mind, the following is a guide on how to heat titanium tips properly.

How to Heat Titanium Tips

There are a couple of key factors when heating the titanium tips of a nectar collector.

  1. You will need to select the nectar collector titanium tips. There is usually a choice of a titanium or quartz tip. In this instance, you will need to choose the titanium one.
  2. A butane torch is the most common way to heat the tip. While heating, try to move the torch all the way around the tip rather than concentrating on just one spot. If you concentrate on just one spot, it could burn your concentrate or create little cracks in the glass of your nectar collector, causing it to explode.
  3. If you curl your palm slightly and place it about a fist away from the titanium tip, you can feel the heat radiating; then, the titanium tip is good to go.
  4. Don’t heat the titanium tip until it is red hot. A red hot tip is likely to burn your concentrate and make it taste awful.
  5. Once the tip is heated, place it on the quartz dish containing the cannabis concentrate and inhale.

Cannabis is becoming more socially accepted as time passes. If you are planning on trying cannabis for the first time, it is worth doing so in a trusting environment. The effects do vary from person to person, so it is important that you feel supported if they become overwhelming. The key is understanding the product you are trying, not rushing, and enjoying the experience.

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