Five Ways You Can Use CBD Oil

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve heard of CBD oil and the many benefits it has for your mind, body, and soul. Whether you want to eat it or use it on your skin, here are five of the most beneficial ways you can use CBD oil.


This is perhaps the most common way to use CBD oil, as vaping is popular among smokers and non-smokers. Vaping is one of the quickest ways to get the effects of CBD into your system, as it is absorbed into the bloodstream from the lungs. You can use CBD oil in any vape or you can purchase smaller CBD vaporizer pens. There are tons of different flavors to experiment with, making it a tasty and simple way to try CBD oil.

Make Edibles

If you fancy making your own CBD edibles, all you need is CBD oil and your favorite ingredients. Don’t expect to feel the effects straight after consumption, as you need to digest the CBD first. You can add CBD oil to gummies, cakes or any other sweet treats before cooking, or afterward. Adding it before is a great way to mask the taste. You can also find CBD edibles, such as chews that are packed with other vitamins and minerals. CBD oil can be added to literally any dish you want, whether food or drink.

On Your Skin

Whilst CBD oil is often used for anxiety or inflammation, it can also heal and protect the skin. There are many nutrients within CBD oil that can revitalize, hydrate, and reduce the look of wrinkles. You can choose to mix your own CBD oil into your beauty products, or you can find CBD oil beauty products that have already been made. If you have found great skin products or have sensitive skin, you may not want to change your regime, meaning simply adding a few drops of CBD oil into your morning serum is the easiest option. There are wonderful hemp oil extracts available, too.

Drop Under the Tongue

For fast delivery (if you don’t want to vape), dropping the oil under your tongue will ensure that the chemicals are absorbed quickly into your bloodstream. Be sure to find good quality CBD oil as otherwise, you may not feel any benefits. It is best to purchase through a source that you can trust, and one that speaks about how they grow their hemp and make their CBD oil. Minny Grown sells excellent CBD oil in many different flavors.

Apply to Hair

Many people are now realizing the fantastic benefits that CBD has for the hair. CBD oil can be added to your shampoo and conditioners, stimulating blood flow and keeping your locks luscious and shiny. More companies than ever are using CBD oil and hemp in their hair products but by far the cheapest way to do this is buying your own oil and adding it to your favorite products.

Cover Image by Sarah Johnson from Flickr. used under creative commons license.

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